Of Time And Healing

The wound time never heals,
Not completely;
The past
A broken mirror,
Cuts as you put it back together.

broken glass clock face


    1. Thank you
      Glad to introduce you to world of unexpected storytelling and poetry, where a few lines will convey a whole world of words


      1. Please!!!! Waiting impatiently to see what you do with it, also remember Wednesday evenings check out the hashtag #AbWPE there’s always something cooking and you are invited.


    1. I wrote the post first and then set down to create the corresponding image, and as they say, a picture speaks a 1000 words…


  1. I think there’s beauty in the shatters if we change our perspective in how we look at it. Also yooooo the past, it’s by Grace that we stay committed to letting it go. Not much can be changed so energy is focussed on shaping the future.

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