Of Fifty Shades Dreader

What do I know about fashion and style, I am more of a jeans and tshirt guy who has incredibly long hair and a trademark salt and pepper beardo.

What is the purpose of my hair?

The purpose of this hair is to see how long it will grow ^_^

How do you get hair like mine?

Well I have this pillow…., you go to bed and wake up like this


When my hair was younger and awkward; I tried to turn it into dreadlocks… but it kept unravelling, especially if I got rained on…..

Which lead me to rather interesting theory that I eventually came up with…

Rain Dance
Rain Dance

Rain and I are in a complicated relationship

Eventually I saw that if I twisted it into two strand twists- it kept the style longer…. So you see all this is a tangled mass of two strand twist locs.


I am not even sure how long I have been keeping it, I haven’t stepped into a barber shop in years….

Young B….

Sometimes I look in the mirror and go “Wow that’s long“,… Ha! Please allow you would do it too, if your hair was like this:

I think we have reached mid back length

Crazy story, when my hair was shorter, l was shorter  would try to tease it together into a ponytail and pleased as punch with my efforts… but these days even though it gets all over the place sometimes giving me a bit of scare when a twist of hair caresses my bare arm and I think it’s a snake or tentacle alien…. I prefer to have it down then tied up, even it the risk of spitting toothpaste on it while brushing my teeth 😂😂😂

Infact if I tie it up too tight or some sections get pulled in particular way I get a headache; so I only tie it up when I need to…… I keep a hair scrunch thingie on my wrist.

I am not sure but I could almost swear my hair has been gotten longer faster in the past years then in the earlier years….

My hair care routine involves mostly keeping it mosturised with a braid spray, DAX Hair Grower and the Ganjalizer

Ganjalizer is a petroleum jelly based hair food infused with cannabis; I am pretty sure its not exactly legal in some countries…

After years of having two-strand twist I can redo it myself though it takes like a whole day…..

Weirdest thing is running into people who always exclaim “Wow, I never knew locs could be this neat” I mean geez whats with the stereotype that a rastaman smokes tonnes of weed and has matted dirty hair?

I can dress up

And in November I unintentionally started doing the No-shave November (mostly because of the electricity thing shaving at night is super hard and I lost my mirror)

Using phone as mirror

I am thinking of dressing up as Rasta Santa this year…. All I need is a red jump suit 😂😂😂

Happy Holidays




  1. Hahaha I laughed the entire post because I could relate to many things.
    1. My hair is like just over my neck and even I get fear of spitting toothpaste on it.
    2. Mine are locs not braided hair and one of my reasons for getting it this way was to see how long it would get.
    3. Please dress up as Santa. I intend to use your photo very many years from now to show my children that there all kinds of Santa in the world, not the generic white father Christmas in all Christmas movies.

    Lastly I like that your reasons for trying out all these things are super relatable.
    Merry Xmas

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  2. How fun to read about having long hair from a male perspective! I can relate to a lot of this, except the beard and the twists.

    I’ve been wanting my hair to reach hip length since 1981. Bad perms, bad haircuts, and bad stress has made it a slow process. It’s only a bit past waist length.

    I must look into that ganja product you mentioned. Cannabis is legal here in BC, Canada. Is it legal in Zim?

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    1. hahahaha some guys do have them…

      Past waist length? Wow sounds like quite hip hahahhahaha and hip length is quite the goal

      Cannabis is totally illegal although recently there has been legislation to legalise commercial growing of the hemp plant for medical research but of course that license is only granted to pharmaceutical entities and thats simply for the growing… then I guess export to outside countries….

      Dont ask how I know this… But you could actually make your own; similar product by extracting essence from dried and crushed cannabis seeds to your favourite hair food for that herbal feel and I have noticed some hair care companies have been low key doing this; next time just check ingredients of your fave herbal hair food and you’ll notice some have hemp listed unobtrusively like terms and conditions nobody ever reads or Its Indian Hemp hahahaha its one big herbal family.


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  3. Love your photos! And I love your hair and hearing about hair growth from a man is interesting. Great post!! 😁

    Funny, I am not too concerned about my how length as long as I can braid my hair or put in a ponytail, I’m happy. (I where a lot of hats, and prefer my hair up and out of the way!) But I am obsessed about the color as what was naturally blonde has darkened over the years. I’m getting some gray hairs which doesn’t bother me as much as the dark blonde (it’s like mousy light brown) so to go natural? Hmmm…. I get so far in letting it go and then it drives me crazy and I color it! Lol 🤪

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    1. Hahaha some men do have them 😂😂

      Well I guess as an outdoorsy people you would need the hats and having hair out of the way… One could get caught in low hanging bushes.. *Ouch*

      Riddle me this if you colour your hair back to its natural colour is your hair coloured or natural hair coloured 😂😂😂 there’s a difference.

      To dye or not to dye…. It’s ever the question isn’t it ?



      1. Haha, I don’t know the answer to the riddle? I think it’s dyed but maybe I’ll just stop coloring it and see the new growth take it’s place slowly. That’s my problem is you get this hair color dye line when you try and let it grow out natural. I’ll see what happens in the next few months! 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. You have really long hair, keep growing it for as long as you can. I will try the hair food you talked about maybe my hair might actually grow nicely.

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  5. I’ve only had my locs a bout 1.5 years and I’m probably close to a woman version of you. I prefer my tshirts and gray sweatpants and no make up. So my loc routine is very similar. I don’t mess with them and they don’t mess with me. Although I have slapped myself silly thinking they were a bug. Or one will fall in my peripheral and ill think its a person walking by. 🙂
    I’ll have to look into creating a product similar to the product you discussed. I don’t use petroleum based products but I make salves etc that have the same consistency. Although Im in South Carolina so I would probably have to use Hemp or CBD and not the good good stuff LOL
    I actually just wrote a post about it. Hope you enjoy as much as I did yours!


    1. No mess, no fuss, you just wake up like this right??
      Laugh out loud at thinking there’s someone in your peripheral vision when it’s really just a strand of hair in your way I have done this 😂
      I have even jumped out of bed in the middle of the night thinking might be a snake (I really do not like snakes)

      Thanks for dropping by.


      PS Have you ever tried the apple cider vinegar wash ?


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