Invictus Obi: Yahoo Yahoo

Invictus Obi:

Obinwanne Okeke known as Invictus Obi is a Nigerian entrepreneur with an impressive profile. Born 9 November 1987 in Ukpor village, Anambra state, the 17th child from a polygamous union he has achieved the following

  • Founder and CEO of Invictus Group a company with a global portifolio in sourcing, structuring, implementing  and monitoring various private equity investments in African Australian markets with ten years of investment experience. Invictus was named after Nelson Mandela’s favourite poem  by William Ernest Henley about the undefeated and unconquerable soul of a hardworker
  • BA (Global) International Studies & Forensic Criminology, Masters of International Relations and Counter-Terrorism Studies (Cum- laude)
  • Featured by Forbes as one the  30 under 30 Entrepreneurs to watch for in 2016
  • Listed among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans 2018
  • Spearheaded Literacy Africa International to raise awareness on the literacy problem of children in Africa which donated 100 000 books to children in underprivileged schools  across the African Continent through the Invictus Foundation
  • Holder of several awards and nomination internationally and locally. Nominated for the prestigious All African Business Leader Award for young Business Leader  (West Africa)
  • Featured on BBC TedTalks and did several motivational appearances

On 16 August 2019 its reported the FBI arrested him for conspiracy to commit fraud to the value of  USD$11 million.

Invictus Obi’s social media accounts have since been shutdown and his friends are deleting pictures they posed with him. One starts to wonder how much of his wealth was legit, did he get greedy, or was he just one big con, a yahoo yahoo boy who flew to close to the sun.

A yahoo yahoo boy is a Nigerian slang referring to people who make money from scams and cons particularly internet scams and live flamboyant lifestyles, slaying on social media.

I have never heard of this Okeke Billionaire until I saw tweets on his arrest then I decided to look up his profile, yep he seemed awesome, a little too good to be true especially in hindsight. Makes me wonder about some of those people’s favourites.

He definitely had confidence, that’s where the Con in a Con Artist comes from, confidence, imagine churning out motivational quotes, telling people to persevere and work hard with a straight face when you probably faked it till you made it then faked it some more as you laughed all the way to the bank.

This reflects badly on Nigeria as its already considered the hub of most internet scams, I am sure at some point you have gotten an email that you won the Nigerian lottery sponsored by some prince  or emails from a princess who seeks asylum and will pay $$$ warlords are executed her father now they want to execute her too….

In an interesting point of note I think I our government might just get conned out of our hardearned taxes by Invictus Energy an Australian based corporation over some oil or gas drilling operations. The name has me raising my eyebrows like hmmmm what if…But that Invictus Energy seems different from the one in Invictus Obi’s Invictus group of companies and his name is not listed on the website but who wold do that they guy has a degree in criminology a well. The websites kinda have a similar feel too using far too many words without actually saying exactly what it is that they actually do…..

From Invictus Obi inspiring to Convictus Obi conspiring




  1. I’ve always wondered how the minds work of the con-man or con-woman? How do they sleep at night? Do they drink enough of their cool-aide that they end up truly believing what they are doing is right? That it’s legal? Or okay? I wonder if they get a “high” off of it all or from all the money they gain, or by scamming so many… It’s rather disgusting really, and there are so many out there, look at Bernie Madoff the American investor with the most hideous scam. I guess it’s another side of human nature? Or human evil desires?? I’m happy I’ve never been scammed, at least not that I’m aware! Lol 😀 Very interesting post!!

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    1. unfortunately you can never really know whats going with them as you cant crawl into their heads to see for yourself…

      Oh and apparently those who are really good at what they do say the ultimate scam is one in which the scammed never realises that they have been conned, money freely taken, like taking candy from a baby, but why would you be giving babies candy, they dont even have teeth… I got sidetracked hahahaha

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  2. Did not even know such a person existed. Its very troubling that there are people how use others as they climb to the top. KARMA always catches up.

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  3. OMG!! i had no idea that the con was for confidence and i was so sure i knew what it was. After reading that confidence line I said to myself, “Self, do you know what the con in con artist means? Of course I do, its short for ..con…uhmmm…. con…..conf…consp….con….dunno, just google it!!!!!!”

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