Of Mental Wellbeing

 “Being healthy is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity…”

Those were the first words a lecturer said while introducing us to a University course. It’s strange how I never forgot those words, maybe it’s the way he said, maybe it’s because I was young and fresh out of High School wanting to take oaths and make a difference…

 “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


For most people being healthy means not having an ailment or injury and mental well-being is something we are slowly learning as important. When speaking of mental health we normally think of the extremes, the suicide, the battles with depression, substance abuse, the classic schizophrenic.

“Being healthy is not only just the absence of infirmity”

In the home I know we try to be healthy (being ill is expensive) trying to eat good, maybe exercise a bit and maybe worry a little about what tomorrow will bring…

I live in a country where everyone is living life at a quarter to a mental health related crisis, stress, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, anxiety attack, insomnia, depression, suicide, tension headache, grief… maybe that’s why we joke so much, laughter is the best medicine…

mental health

Being healthy is not just the absence of infirmity

Charity begins at home so does a lot of other things including health and mental well-being. You may have heard the phrase

A family that prays together stays together

When one is feeling unwell they tell others, I have a pain here, my tummy hurts, sore throat so they get meds or as an explanation to their current disposition. Yet it seems shameful to speak on our mental well-being, we need to learn to open up and it begins in the home, it begins with you..

Make your home a place one can talk and ask for help, encourage communication.

mental well being

Being healthy is not just the absence of infirmity

Hi are you OK?




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