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My name is Beaton but you call me B. I am a digital storyteller, which basically means that I use the medium of the internet to immortalize myself the only way I know how by WRITING.

When I am not writing I am builder of blogging communities running an online platform that serves to bring together and network bloggers from all over Africa, where the world meets Africa as we like to call it.

where the world meets Africa

The Blogging Culture: A Website means community

A website means community

I am blogger although technically when no one is around, I call myself a writer with a blog. But what is a blog anyway?

what is a blog?

To answer this I will have to delve into a brief history of blogging and WordPress

Blog comes the word WebLog which means literally a log of the web

Blogging started in the developed countries, around the mid to late 90s, when it was mostly online diaries……  By early 2000s blogging had become, A THING a movement even a full time business for some, not just endorsing products and affiliate marketing but marketing and selling their own skills services and crafts as diverse niches of blogs mushroomed.

It no longer was about just personal diaries, but lifestyle, fashion, health fitness, travel, tourism, parenting; the list is endless there’s a type of blogger for everything somewhere on the internet; even those who blog about blogging.

Here’s a fun fact……Did you know WordPress was built and evolved from a blogging platform called B2/CafeLog which had gained quite a huge community count up until the programmer created of the platform vanished leaving a sizeable community who no longer had developer support.

An innovative user of this platform worried about this development came up with the idea to create anew platform integrating the “cool stuff” from there and adding more features and May 2003 WordPress was born

15 years later here we are:

32% of the internet powered by wordpress

What does this mean?
There’s a huge community of bloggers and its growing and so too has the definition of what blogging is; blogging has no longer has a clear cut simple definition, it means different things to different people.

The official definition of blogging goes something like this:

a website whose posts listed chronologically from most recent to oldest updated regularly usually by one author

I can attempt to summarily define it as:
The online updating of content onto a digital platform

Something as simple as posting a status onto your Instagram, sharing a note on your Facebook, tweeting a tweet or even a video on YouTube or updating the content on your website; blogging is a little like running a magazine.

Blogging has transcended simply being just something you do on the internet; its more than just a marketing tool too; its also a political tool, an awareness campaign raiser, a society watchdog and even custodian of culture. A blog is like a key that opens doors to worlds one can only dream and tap into the community of people beyond the person simply on the end of the screen

I call my blog a gentleman because opens doors for me

A website is more than a conversation; a website is a community and for community to flourish we need each other..

Redwoods trees grow to dizzying heights reaching for the sky and last for thousands of years yet they have very shallow roots

How Do They Do This

The secret to their strength is that their roots … intertwine with other redwoods to create an underground network of powerful connections.

I have kept my personal blog for about five years now and my reach stats look  like this

I did a little research via my peers in the blogging community to see if anyone had any ideas why the blogging culture in the global south is so low  and the most common reasons were as follows:

The Cost of data is very prohibitive Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) released a report in October showing that on average 1GB of data costs 2.5% of the average monthly income; this translates to over two billion people living in a country where 1GB of mobile data is unaffordable… and bundled internet packages make the net be largely regarded as a just social media since all people do is mostly go onto social media

As for people not understanding the blogging culture, that’s part of why I am always encouraging and helping out fellow content creators and building blogging communities it seems like fun but a lot of work goes into having a website and when you put effort and get nothing back that why websites die……

How to support bloggers

  •  Number One Read our work
  • Subscribe, like, comment If you read and love something or find it useful say so
  • If a product is being sold or reviewed why not buy or recommend to a friend
  • Share links with your friends
  •  If you spot any errors hit the contact tab let us know
  • And Pay US ha!

Remember Archimedes’ famous quote; that give me a fulcrum, along enough lever and a place to stand on and I will change the world

 I say to you:

Give me a blog, an audience and an internet connection, and I will move the world.


Thank you!!


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  1. Hi B! This is one of your best posts: I knew practically nothing about the history of blogging and WordPress before reading it. Also, we absolutely need to find a way to make data more affordable for people in the Global South. Not only will having reliable internet access open doors for people living in those areas, but it’ll also help those of us who live in the Global North to be able to chat with people like yourself; thereby getting a picture of places like Africa that we could never get from our crappy news sources. That’s how one breaks down stereotypes: interacting with people from different cultures while keeping an open mind.

    Surely there are NGOs working to make the internet more affordable for everybody? It seems like the Alliance for Affordable Internet is doing good work, but they only seem to operate in a handful of countries.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Josh
      Thanks a million ^_^
      One of the best things about the internet is the way it gives some of us a space with a bit more freedom to say/write things which I would ordinarily be unable to say, the way it gives an ordinary person the tools to reach an audience far larger than you ever could and my personal favourite simply letting you tell your story…..
      and along the way the friends and connections you make.

      Also it seems governments arent exactly willing to open up the digital spaces especially having enjoyed monopoly of information dissemination through their captured state media and conventional media houses the internet poses a serious risk to their hold on power as things which normally would have been easy to sweep away under the carpet instead go viral on the internet, the internet is ungovernable…..
      I am proactively figuring out how to brng about affordable internet here’s a video clip from me brainstorming an idea of possible collaborations with internet service providers https://youtu.be/HXP59I1m9Ac
      always open to ideas and suggestions ^_^


  2. Those statistics are staggering. Access to the internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Thank you for the enlightenment B. We here in the West can take so much for granted and even being part of the disability community and understanding the importance of inclusion there is still much work to be done. We all know that knowledge is power and it shouldn’t be limited to just those who can afford it this is not the definition of humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Steph ♥♥♥
      the internet is a space that can go a long way towards addressing and raising awareness and just general inter-connectivity across boarders it should not be treated as luxury but as important as any of the basic needs right there next to education and clean water
      Thank you for reading

      Liked by 1 person

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