Of Coffee On The Couch

If you were having coffee with me I would be pleased that you dropped by, have a sit go ahead put your feet up. I can offer you coffee, but it doesn’t have sugar apparently that’s how a real coffee drinker has theirs, no sugar no milk. I ran out of sugar and cant find it at the shops, besides who needs sugar when the pleasure of your company is sweet enough.


If you were having coffee with me I would ask something asked in group chat;

“After how many visits, to your house can a visitor sit back and put their feet up on your sofas?”

Never maybe? Well if you visit me, be comfy, drape yourself on the couch like you have a right to be there.

If you were having coffee with me I would inquire if you ever tried crocodile meat? If you haven’t what would do you think you have eaten other people would consider weird?

croc meat

Crocodile has become quite my regular dinner guest as the main course, of course. For some reason its super cheap where you can find it. I don’t know why its so cheap I remember the first time I tasted crocodile I was about 10 years old at a crocodile farm in Chiredzi; in the Lowveld region of Zimbabwe. I wouldn’t remember the prices but I am sure it was treated as a delicacy with a fancy name like the fisherman’s platter

crocodile meat

Well in this crazy economy its now the affordable option unless of course you fancy these chicken bones going round on social media

chicken bones
someone tell me this is a joke

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I was planning on travelling to go visit my mum; then I heard of a horrific accident involving two buses which resulted in the death of over 40 people and now I have a fear of travelling; sometimes we forget the little miracles that we take for granted, every time we safely reach where we are going.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you there’s also other things I wanted to say but the loss of so many lives, puts a dampener on things. Allow me to share this solidarity image:

Rusape bus disaster pass the flame on
pass the flame on

On that somber tip I will have to bid you good day, have a blessed week and remember live your life to fullest


PS and yeah if this is you first time bumping into these pages of mine hey why not share a link to your site and I promise to get back to you and if you see any shared links do check them out

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  1. Prayers and best wishes for you and yours during the coming week.

    I am a bit of a coffee drinker, myself, because it helps my breathing. I make a cold-brew concentrate and add it to milk rather than water. Rather a lot of milk. Gives the coffee a smooth undertaste rather like chocolate. No sugar, though.

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  2. I’m so terrible sorry to hear about the bus accident. I can understand why one would wait a while to travel after hearing about that. (I’m scared of flying, even though I’ve done it many hundreds of times, after a bad experience a few years back. I nowadays avoid it completely, if I have a say in the matter.)
    I don’t believe I ever tried crocodile meat. Not that I can remember. What does it taste like?
    Thank you for the coffee. I wish you a wonderful new week.


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    1. Hi Maria
      Thank you for dropping by
      Crocodile meat tastes like fishy chicken hahahaha or rather its like you used oil that you fried fish in to cook chicken
      have an awesome story

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      1. the tail is delicacy and served in five star restaurants with quite a hefty price tag one of my next posts I should post a recipe for croc meat


    1. Hi Bryan
      Thank you for dropping by.
      The fragility of life hey sometimes we go through life thinking we have all the time in the world


  3. We sure do.

    Here in America we have our own news of tragedy. Out in Texas a young couple celebrated their wedding day with family and friends. Videos and pictures of their happy day were present. They concluded their day with a helicopter ride to their honeymoon destination. It crashed killing everyone on board ten minutes after take off.

    News like that has a way of grounding us and appreciate our moment in this life of ours.

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    1. oh my word that is quite tragic…
      Life has a way of learning us how much as we strive to be in control of our lives, some things are beyond us and we might think we have time but not even that… here’s to making every moment count
      Have a blessed week

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  4. Such a sad event. My heart goes out to those poor people. I can understand your reluctance to travel. Hope this upcoming week brings you some positive events.

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