Of Coffee, Combis And Other Things

If you were having coffee with me, I would greet you by fist bumping you, it’s not a new secret greeting, its just that well, we have a nasty outbreak going on. Reminds me of what one conductor said that he just might get a wooden cooking stick to collect people’s fares with.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the president made his first State Of The Nation Address at the official opening of the 9th Parliament.


League of extraordinary justices

I have always wondered though, when they do these things, what is the purpose of inspecting the guard of honour? What’s with the horses, ribbons, the medals and whats up with the swords and the robes?.



Can the reason we have problems with democracy be that we are simply playing pretend at things we have no idea how to handle, simply doing what others did, no rhyme no reason no explanations?

If you were having coffee I would ask you if you had a look see at my last post about the public transport system of minivan taxis in Africa and the funny stories that happen there. This one time a fellow commuter said he did not have enough fare for the trip and the conductor said he could pay what he had but he would have to seat paKadoma and face the nation which is the space behind the driver and front seat passengers before the first row passengers (named after Kadoma a town halfway between Harare and Gweru)


When the gentleman was seated or rather perched by the spot, he proceed to buy a packet of Lays potato chips from a vendor. The conductor was not amused, saying if he could afford to buy nice snacks like that, he most certainly could afford to pay the full fare and demanded a full payment and of course that did not stop him from dipping his hands into the passenger’s packet of lays chips saying “who doesn’t want nice things

It might have been a hilarious episode but looks like commuters might need to start negotiating to travel with insufficient fare. Commuter omnibus operators are hiking the standard fare from 50cents to 75cents another indicator of the rising cost of living, or rather the failing economy, as the fuel queues start getting longer and basic foodstuffs slowly disappearing from the food shelves.


If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how the government used the cholera outbreak to remove the vendors who had practically invaded the city streets. As I was walking in the CBD I was actually surprised that city could be this neat, walking on the pavements without danger of accidentally stepping on or knocking over someone’s wares.


However simply forcing vendors of the street is not the solution, as its like the government telling them to Just Die and its no surprise that we now have a situation where vendors are now in running battles with the riot police. Walking in the CBD is now rather unsettling you never know what will begin where, wear sensible shoes, the weather forecast is tear gas with chance of running.

That’s  been my week crazy right, whats going on in your neck of the woods?

Here’s to an awesome week


Day 21 of my blog everyday challenge themed Africa: Stories From Home

Photocredit Guard of Honour @globaltimesnews

Opening SONA OpenParlyZw




    1. Hello Bryan
      Thanks for dropping by, as always much appreciated.
      The world is littered with amazing similarities and coincidences…


    1. hahahaha why is it called a bondix, but even if the law forbids it dont some people do it? I think here its illegal somewhat since the taxi should not have no more than 18 people but do those guys ever listen,


      1. Haha I thought that’s the official name.
        Sad story though, our late President Mwanawasa’s mother used public transport for some reason and sat on that same seat. The bus caught fire and she died along with other passengers. The seat since became illegal in public buses since since it’s close to the fuel tank. They actually remove that whole seat upon purchase of the bus. But guess what, sometimes conductors put passengers on the metal thing that remains beneath and charge full fair.
        *Excuse the long reply 🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh no but in curious aside when she was using public transport was her son president?
        hahahaha you can count on conductors to be conductors are they siblings ????
        Long reply totally welcomed


  1. Hey Beaton,
    What I would give for the chance to sit in a safe coffee house with you and compare notes.
    We used to have much more law and order – but just look at us now. Everyone know we have a multi-tier standard for justice, one for the liberal class and more forgiving as you get higher in power there and a whole other standard for everyone else.
    It’s frustrating and embarrassing, but it is what we will always get when men and women are empowered without any check on their use of power. Corruption is the other thing we can count on other than death and taxes.
    Stay healthy and keep that sense of humor – it seems to be the only way to say sane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Gary
      Interesting thoughts and views you have there, sitting down and comparing notes would show that looks like the world has a whole lot similarities and we face the same fundamental problems. I dont know is there a flaw in our humanity somewhere, I know theres goo people out there and theres good in everyone does that mean that there’s bad in everyone too given a chance we would each be the people we dont ever want anyone to be *sips tea*
      we would need more coffee
      Sometimes it seems like laughter is the only way to stop from over thinking and burning out fuses in your brain, you know like why cry when you can still laugh.
      Thanks for dropping by


  2. My gosh B, that’s crazy! I hadn’t heard about the riots or cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe! And running out of basic foodstuffs? That’s not good. I really, really hope everything turns out alright.


    1. 47 people have been reported dead and 4000+ cases of infections recorded since beginning of September but those are the “official”figures governments have this habit of not trying to scare people about how bad things are only until things go out of control…..
      Just like this the government tells you its business as usual everything is under control when you clearly see its not under control and we are on the verge of a melt-down unless someone pulls a rabbit out of somewhere or waves a magic wand and *boom*
      Causing unnecessary alarm and despondency they say when does the alarm become necessary I wonder

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      1. Governments like to downplay actual problems when it suits them, while simultaneously over-exaggerating minor issues. I do hope that they get the cholera outbreak under control though! That would not be my first choice of ways to die.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well yes, staying alive is always the best option! But we all must go eventually, and some deaths are less appealing than others. Slowly dying from syphilis, for example, would be much worse than succumbing to one’s injuries while fighting a dragon on top of an active volcano.

        Oh, this week’s going the same as most of them: getting yelled at for not having enough money to pay the bills, not being able to work enough hours because of school, and spending time on the blog when I should be finishing my thesis.

        Speaking of which, I’m going to try to catch up on some of your recent posts that I’ve missed soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Going out in a dragon fight over an active volcano now thats EPIC!!! I vote yes on that one it would make a great story too bad you wont live to tell it, thats why you need a bard to watch you do heroic stuff then sing into a legend…..

        Money and time could be the things we never get enough of, unless of course you are really really rich but even then it seems to be never enough as I watch those with make more and more of it……


        PS I see you did the catch up you promised !!!!! Thanks Muchly

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