Of Coffee and Cabinets

zimbabwe inauguration

Of Coffee Cabinets


If you were having coffee with me we would be sitting outside watching the water sprinkler, sprinkling the lawn and I would be wishing I was a child again running and jumping over the spray of the water sprinklers. I can almost hear the laughter and happy giggles from my childhood as if they are just beside me, shhhh can you hear them too?……

lawn sprinkler

I think the heat is getting to me, the days are long and hot, we definitely not in winter anymore, I wish I had a swimming pool in my backyard or a giant pond …….

Speaking of swimming pools, the newly elected president Emmerson Mnangagwa announced his  cabinet ministers and the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation is gold medalist Kirsty Coventry….

Minister of sports Zimbabwe

Gold medalist Kirsty Coventry

This appointment is quite the dive into a cool pool Kirsty Coventry having participated in 5 Olympic games won 7 medals and set 5 world records she is easily the most decorated African Olympian and holds the current global record having highest number of individual Olympic medals of all female swimmers in history.

Since 1980 Zimbabwe has collected a total of eight medals three golds, four silvers and one bronze. Seven of these medals were won by swimmer Kirsty and  the other gold medal by 1980 Zim women’s hockey team. Kirsty Coventry has a track record of supporting the country has even denied requests to change her citizenship to countries that head-hunted her.

Who knows with a new minister sports maybe we might see our sports, arts and recreation sector focusing more on diversifying than simply soccer which seems to be the be all and all of sport and the rest not getting any mention or support until of course they win……

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that as for the rest of the cabinet minister appointments, the most notable thing is the absence of old familiar names who have always been recycled and reshuffled into cabinet positions as one would shuffle the drawers of an antique cabinet and call it a new cabinet.

old cabinet

Although the cabinet didn’t achieve the promised 50/50 gender parity its gone up from 24% to 31% female representatives and we have our first female Minister of defence.

So lets see our new cabinet, has technocrats, more women and young blood, its a step in the right direction, is this simply another ploy at the power games or a genuine move? Well all l I want is a country which works.


Day 7 of my blog every day challenge themed Africa: Stories from home


Photo Credit: Kirsty Coventry www.kirstycoventry.com




    1. Thanks Bryan…… Some rain would look good here right about now… funny story if I wash my hair it rains looks like I should schedule a washday in a day or two lol


  1. I’ve actually never heard of Kirsty Coventry until now, but she seems like an awesome person! I love how she loved Zimbabwe so much that she turned down chances to change her citizenship.

    I’m hoping that the changes in government aren’t just for show, and that the situation actually gets better for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks
      Hahahaha on this side of the world Kirty is a legend …. You wont believe the number of children who were named after her, some having Kirsty-Coventry as a double-barreled first name too!!!!
      She is awesome people and her enthusiasm is quite infectious……

      As for the government well, what comes to mind is a metaphor of a crocodile smiling benignly and telling all the fish to come closer to swim into its mouth and see the whiteness of its pearly white teeth picking at its teeth with an olive branch as a toothpick …….

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    1. Hi Oneta!!!
      Thanks for dropping I think I once wrote a short haiku about a carpenter who chopped an ancient tree to make a cabinet but I did not share it cause at the time it was boarderline treasonous to express such thoughts
      Anyway all we have is hope without it the would be nothing to look forward to ….
      dreams of brighter days

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