Of Ammara Brown’s Ammartia Launch

Finally its here:

ammartia Ammara brown

Ammartia tracklist ammara brown

Ammara Brown’s album Ammartia is out. It was launched at a colourful event at The Venue in Avondale Harare. This was after a 25 day media countdown where each day the Barefoot Goddess dropped a themed image on her social media accounts to drumming up support for her album.

day 25 ammartia

barefoot goddess ammara brown

ammara brown

ammara brown

Its a creative marketing tactic I havent seen yet, simple and brilliant though it could have done with a bit more tweaking up to keep it interactive and relative to the album, some days it felt like spam, some days I fell in love but hey it worked the tickets to the launch sold out!!!!

Ammartia album sold out

I would probably not have gone to the launch, priced at $10 a pop, because adulting and acting my wage but I randomly answered a Twitter word puzzle from one company sponsoring the launch Zark and I dared and I won.

killer T Winky D Lady Squanda Boom Beto Few kings Jah Signal Freeman  XQ Judgement yard Ammara and John Cole


Quick shout out to Zark for the tickets and their support of the Zim local art scene.


The Venue

The Venue Avondale Harare

I love the name of the this place, The Venue. Its hilarious and yet commanding The Venue

I can visualise many conversations along these lines:

“Where will the event be held?”

“The Venue”

“Yes, where?”

“The Venue”

“Yes where is the venue”

“The place is called The Venue”

Its as priceless as a bar in Harare called the The Usual Place. See you at The Usual Place. *cue laughter*

The Venue is really nice spot that’s where we had the WordCamp Harare after party…


I don’t know why every time I go there the word All-white party comes to mind. I have never been on a boat (not counting those barges you ride on the Zambezi River at the Victoria Falls) A luxury boat or a yacht if you want to be fancy something about the design and decor of The Venue just screams yacht I love it and I dont know why…..

The venue avondale harare

Ammara Brown aced that launch, her dance moves are epic, she has got so much energy where does she get it, and how many hours of practice goes into that choregraphy, *tips hat* and who does that hair though!!!!

Amarra Brown

I didnt stay for too long at the launch because I was going to turn into a pumpkin like in the Cinderella story..

On the way home we took a short left to go see if the infamous Zodwa Wabantu was perfoming at the Private Lounge, for you know research purposes. Most people (in Zimbabwe) had probably never heard of Zodwa(from South Africa) until she was banned from perfoming at the Harare International carnival because her act was deemed too raunchy. Zodwa real name (Zodwa Rebecca Libram) is a self styled au naturel afficionado who has openly confessed to not wearing panties because they are restrictive… *cue runaway imaginations*

Zodwa WaBantu Feathers Award Drama Queen of the year

Well this Friday she cancelled her act (again) maybe because she was busy winning the drama queen of the year award at the Feathers Awards, hate her or love she gets R40 000 per appearance….

And this is still my favourite Amarra Brown track havent gone through the whole album yet




Ammara Brown Visuals courtsey of Ammara Brown

The Venue Photo Courtsey of Tripadvisor

Zodwa Wabantu The Kakaki Africa


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