Of 5 Things About Zimbabwe

A teapot shaped country south of africa

Five things i wish you knew about Zimbabwe:

Things I wish you knew about Zimbabwe

  1. It is not a jungle.

Believe it or not I have been asked several times, if I see wild animals when I look outside the window.

If you want to see to see wildlife, you go to the a national park, you wont be disappointed. Once upon a time someone even asked me how I was on the internet….. Zimbabwe is a developing country, yes it has some areas more developed than others but we are not in the dark ages. I cringe when I watch a movie and they reference it as a some place it really not; we don’t live in trees and yes we have internet.

Trees in Africa unity Square Harare
Africa Unity Square trees
  1. Our hearts are warm as the tea brewed from our heart-shaped country
A teapot shaped country south of africa
A teapot shaped country

The economy might be free falling, cash is in short supply and you will wait for a long time at the bank to get the daily minimum, but amidst all the trials our hearts are in the right place on the left side like they should be. We are a nation of kind, tolerant and peace-loving people, with a humorous nature we laugh at the lemons life throws. The capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare is known as the Sunshine City.

harare sunshine city
Sunshine City


the Jacaranda trees in bloom Harare
The Jacaranda Trees in bloom


  1. We are not our president nor our first lady.

Don’t judge us by the actions of our president, and we are not our president’s keeper too. Please don’t ask me when we are going to vote him out or why we still keep him in power. If you have questions for him,  you can ask him yourself.

  1. We are a nation of educated people

Don’t be fooled by the jobs we are willing to do to put bread on the table, you would be quite shocked to find that the person who hands you a flyer advertising something at the traffic lights is a university  graduate.


At some point our country we might have the highest literacy rate in Africa, last time i checked according to UNESCO we were just shy of making it in to the top ten list.

Also don’t ask me how for a nation of such educated beings we managed to let our country get into a such state……

  1. The Victoria Falls is in Zimbabwe.

Victoria falls mosi oa tunya

Well my Zambian friends might have some say in that….. but hey the Victoria Falls boarders Zimbabwe and Zambia so its both there and here.

The Victoria falls is a breath-taking site, locals call it Mosi oa Tunya , meaning The Smoke that Thunders…..  its the largest body of falling water by volume and something one just has to see fro themselves even attempt to bungee jump or dare the Devil’s Pool.



Visit Zimbabwe some time I promise you wont regret it maybe we might even hang out and have a real cup of coffee together……



photo Credit Victoria Falls

City of Harare photos view from Africa Unity Square courtesy of Tendai



  1. Number 1 made me laugh at first, but then I thought of how serious it actually is. Many people over here in the US have a very misguided view of Africa, and like you said the movies don’t help! Of course all one has to do is read you blog, and they’d at least have a more realistic view of Zimbabwe.

    Also, we can both agree on Number 3 now! Some things are good to have in common, but having to put up with presidents neither of us like isn’t one of those things.

    Lastly, the Devil’s Pool looks both awesome and terrifying. I honestly can’t decide if I want to swim in it or not!

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    1. Its not just the movies too, I have seen even news clips on major news channels the footage they use, I dont know if its the cameras or they just pick messed up filters deliberately, but its like they go out of their to pick the most unflattering scenes. But the media was never anyone’s friend they are here to push and sell agendas.

      Hahaha Presidential drama

      Obviously swim in it, its relatively safe as long as you dont do anything stupid, but its weird what adrenalin does and the quest for the perfect selfie….


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      1. Haha, selfies are the most bizarre social trend I’ve ever seen. Granted I haven’t been alive very long…

        Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen images of happy people in Africa on the news. Everyone always looks miserable. It does seem like they’re trying to paint a picture of Africa as backwards and horrible, but then again the news media has a reputation of focusing on the negatives. Fear sells!

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      2. I try to stay away from watching too much of the news because it seems nothing good ever happens anywhere, if its not storms, its war, bombings, and other atrocities…
        The good stuff hardly ever gets any coverage……

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  2. I love the post. Some people tend to think we live in trees & we are uneducated here in Africa. Yes we have wild animals everywhere and sometimes they come close to our homes but we don’t live in the forest. African is beautiful because of its wildlife & natural sceneries. What our leaders do also does not define the whole country.

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    1. rereading this, two years later marvelling at how some are still the same and while others have taken a turn…
      Thank you for dropping by, I am even curious about how you ended up on this post.

      Liked by 1 person

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