Of The The Thing In The Ceiling

Genre: Realistic Fiction

The sounds usually start when darkness comes, when I switch off the lantern and close my eyes to sleep. Night after night I lay awake listening to sounds in the darkness. It starts with a faint scratching noise as if a feral beast is marking its territory drawing lines that must not crossed except with those who have abandoned all hope. Then there’s the footsteps, footsteps; slow, cautious, and deliberate; pacing, as would a beast stalking prey. Finally comes the scurrying and squealing sounds of a chase….. I always reach for the lights at this point and flip on the switch for the bedside lamp, nothing happens, it is funny how for an instant I forget the lights have not been working ever since a storm took out power lines.

There is something otherworldly that lives in my ceiling, I hear it every night when I try to sleep “It’s only a rat” I whisper to myself. At least I hope it’s a rat and not the thing from paranormal activity….

Eventually sleep comes, the sandman takes me suddenly, pouncing, tumbling my restless mind away and down, spitting it out like a mangled rat in to a deep dark dreamless sleep.

Are they nocturnal animals, ghosts? Because when the sun comes up the sounds stop, without a trace…. I wake up in the morning and everything is exactly as I left it nothing to indicate the eventful nocturnal visitors. The ceiling looks pristine and white, freshly painted to cover the water stains left by the leaky roof from when it last rained. The brown stain looked somewhat like a cowboy riding a bull trying to lasso a sheep that looks suspiciously like an overgrown cat. Not many people could see this natural art, but then it’s not a precise art seeing figures in stains on the ceiling or shapes in clouds.

The met department just issued a flood alert, a tropical cyclone is coming, Dineo. Its curious how the most cyclones wind up with feminine names, guys it would appear don’t have scorn whose fury hell hath none.

A pet cat would be an interesting addition to the family, they catch rats, mice and stare at ghosts so that would be a win win situation, to deal with unexpected visitors… I need a hungry cat, a skinny one hungry for a meal, a fat cat does not chase rats, profound and simple.

The day always passes and I wonder where the times go, what happens to the time we discard into the past? Night always comes and with it, the sound.

I lay in my bed and I hear it scratching, nibbling away at important things in the woodwork of my ceiling structures. It has been growing the thing in the ceiling, I don’t know what it been eating but its footsteps are heavier and louder. What if it is expecting and soon there will be a rat infestation. The other day I think they invited friends for a sleep over, I could hear them scurrying around like twin toddlers on a sugar rush wreaking havoc and running amok. It was not a dream, a nightmare does not crawl along your leg in the dark while you are sleeping, neither does a ghost. There are rats in the ceiling, only rats and nothing more, except more rats if I let them.

I wake up in the morning, I look at the floor, and it’s got rat droppings that need sweeping. They chewed up my favourite bathroom rug, and doing unspeakable things on the sofa, they must go.


I have been looking up ways of getting rid of rodents, they cannot burp so if you lace bait with bicarbonate of soda and they ingest it they get bloated and die, if you sprinkle some on the floor, it will stick on to their feet and when they lick it off, well, history. I even bought a rat trap, it looks like a book full of glue and then you leave it open, rats will walk on the glued surface and get stuck, seems simple enough, until you have to pry a rat off or stomp on it with cowboy boots.


Lastly I bought some rat poison, the bottle says to mix with peanut butter, how do they even know rats even like peanut butter, but for the money they charged me they better know what they were talking about. I spent the whole day baiting every nook and cranny, tomorrow, its bye bye rats, if that does not work then its not rats I am dealing with its something else and might need to call…. an exorcist

I woke up in the morning and armed with a broom and my cowboy boots in search of rat causalities.  I wish I had a gun, but imagine trying to shoot one, not to mention the ricochet. There are tiny footprints on the places I dusted with the bicarbonate of soda.


I will have to search for bodies no body wants a dead rodent decomposing in their house, I have seen this before its horrible. The only place left I haven’t checked is the attic, broom in one hand, and a flashlight I am going hunting. The rats are probably more scared of me than me of them but I fear the attic more, its dark and my imagination is ungovernable.

I found them, two dead rats in the attic after a bit of song and dance I managed to scoop them up and bury them in a shallow grave next to a rose bush in the garden; End of story, well not quiet the I also found a diary it has been around for almost century The Diary of a Freedom Fighter….

I lay in my bed and tonight there is only silence…..

The End


BlogBattle Entry for this week prompt cowboy; Inspired by a literal rat in the ceiling while I was trying to sleep and Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and somewhat a continuation of the last story here….




    1. I care not much for rats as well ☻ but snakes top the list of “creatures” I cant stand even harmless defanged common garden snakes goosebumps…

      Thanks ♥

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      1. We used these tablets the rats would eat. Then came collecting dead rats which wasn’t too bad since most were in basement or crawl space. The problem was the one or two stuck in the walls 😂

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  1. Oh B, I should I say ‘Rat Catcher’…. what pesky pests they are invading ones home. How brave and decent of you to cajole them out of the exit “to the left, to the left..”

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    1. I tried to persuade one with a broom, it ran away squealing the other way and I ran screaming the other way and the broom flew out in direction perpendicular to the both of us, then I had to explain to my overly helpful neighbour that no our household was not under attack and calling the police not necessary….


  2. I could feel the tension as you went rat searching in the attic! Creepy! Good idea to get a cat or two. Ours were good mouse catchers, and now the mice know there is no good reason for coming in the house. 🙂

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  3. Hey B, I really hate rats, they scare me too. I feel we could do without all household pests like rats, roaches, silverfish, ants, flies, bugs, mosquitoes, bees, ,worms, snakes and just generally all creepy crawlings. Just making that list gave me goosebumps.

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  4. Hi, nice to see someone else using this theme and you’re using it very well indeed 🙂 funny we chose the same font. Lol. Not like there’s ever so many choices is there it’s bound to happen! Anyway, rats don’t have to be a problem if you’ve got mains electricity wiring you just buy these things you plug in that send a pulse around the circuit and the critters don’t cross them. very effective. Don’t necessarily stop squirrels or birds or other types of pest. Other than that banging against the wall cavity with a rubber mallet sees them off for a while. Plug-in devices are good and cruelty-free. Makes me mad seeing that there are people believing we have the right to destroy other creatures lives in such cruel ways but i can understand it too having moved to a house that had a longstanding rat problem that of course the letting agent didn’t bother warning me about when i viewed. Not nice having to cope with rats in your kitchen. I doubt a cat would be any good – you need a dog or a ferret for ratting! Cats are dumb beasts in comparison to a dog (previously a cat-carer, converted).

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    1. so yeah got rid of the rats finally… yey, had to resort tob some gruesome tactics and I have long since discovered whats worse than having a rodent in the ceiling, its a dead rodent somewhere and no one knows where, but you can smell it….
      I have a cat now, used to have a dogbut it used to chase peole with cars, I think they tried to arrest it for not having a driver’s licence or being A NUISANCE pet so I have a cat now, its sitting on my lap and has decided that I must never walk again yey…..


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