Of The Muse In You: message in a bottle

Welcome to this interesting journey where you muse me:

The story so far…..

I sat at my laptop, about to press the delete button on an email from an unknown number but the universe spoke…. Take a chance

So the decision was unanimous Take A Chance (thank you all who voted now we proceed)

Just as I was about to press the delete button, I realised that I had been humming along to a song playing on the radio, a golden oldie classic by ABBA, Take A Chance On Me. What further sign did I need from the universe?
Here goes nothing, I thought as  I clicked open the email. I paused a little bit, half expecting my antivirus to pop up a notification with a red alert sound warning announcing threat detected. I really should mute that option, it had gotten me into several awkward situations, but again it was another one of those things I meant to do but never did quite get round to, anyway all was quiet on my antivirus front so I guess it was safe enough.
I quickly scanned through the email, then read it again slowly.

Hi Stranger
I randomly entered your email address and hit the send button. Think of this as a message in a bottle.
I will understand if you don’t reply I am not asking for much all I want is simply a friend to talk to. I hope you reply
Nya Chiuta

I stared at the screen wondering what I should do…..
1 ignore the email
2 delete the email mark sender as spam
3 forward it to my know-it-all friend
4. Google the sender and email address to check if they not listed under any scam artists
5. Reply to the email
6. Other…. comment your suggestion



  1. To be honest my curiosity always gets the better of me, and I throw all caution to the wind. So me as me, I would reply. I am also trying to say please reply, besides I suppose its the only way that will keep the story flowing and its common knowledge I go bonkers over a good story. Okay enough rumbling, just take a chance!!!!

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    1. curiosity kills cats…….
      I must confess to possessing a curiosity that is borderline inquisitive….
      many thanks ^_^ for being such a great sport

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  2. I say reply too. It’s what I would do. Because I always want to know the end game. Of course this may sometimes land one in trouble but you will never know until you try 😉

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    1. ^_^
      hahahahaha you never know till you try, that could be easily the best or worst advice ever depending….
      but hey one cant have sleepless nights wondering what if…. right.

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      1. Hahahaha yes it can sway either way. But I always say, don’t roll with the wind, steer it. That way you have some measure of control and staying the course. Or not. What do I know lol

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      2. well I always say (starting now ha!) when you falling of a mountain its too late to wonder if there was an easier way to climb it lolest ^_~

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  3. To be honest, I voted like I would do in real life and went with a quick google! But, then I’d probably reply if no scams were present. Of course, since this if fictional I want to go with just email back, see where the adventure of the unknown takes you! 😀

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    1. The google search is a nice practical touch but hey sometimes we can only live vicariously through characters let them make choices would not normally make ^_^

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