Of Needful Things

Genre: mystery
forbidden fruit

He seduced you with promises from your wildest dreams, led you too close to the edge then waited for you to descend into the chasm. It was inevitable. Everyone had that something they wanted badly enough to lose everything for. The logic was iron clad and so was the contract.

Subtlety was key; he never let you fully comprehend what you were getting yourself into, not until it was too late.

Whatever he did for you first was always a favour, in exactly the same way a drug dealer gave you the first one for free and the subsequent ones at a discount until you were hooked, and then he owned you. Nothing is for free, it’s an investment if you will, and he was after all, in a fashion a businessman in a high stakes enterprise.

He called himself The Doctor of needful things, and sold dreams for the bargain price of something that you seemed to have no use of except to losing it, innocence is such a priceless thing to lose. He preyed on the lost mostly but he was an equal opportunity dealer, everyone deserved a chance to be enticed into a life of decadence. He dangled a forbidden fruit in front of you and let you take a bite, as chains too light to feel until they were too strong to be broken ensnared you.

The Doctor cleared his throat and spoke in his trademark reassuringly hypnotic voice  “So my dear boy X, tell me what is it that you want, what do you really really want………..

forbidden frui

~THE END for now

My #blogbattle entry this week themed chasm….. and if you just joining and wondering whats going on, NewsFlash: me too I don’t know yet but it will be fun finding out and the story continued from HERE so you know the story so far ^_^



photo credit: Three Rivers Deep



  1. This gave me the chills! I could tell him all that I wanted because I know he would somehow give it to me…but would it be what “I” wanted? Or what he got me to THINK I wanted? Epic

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  2. so true…“innocence is such a priceless thing to lose”, still we tend to unknowingly pay it for our dreams over the edge . #irony

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    1. Thank you Grace, yes, there has to be a villain and a rouge I do believe thats the two of them right there… now what about the one you love to love hmmmm never mind me I am brain storming

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  3. Loving this story. 🙂 The doctor of needful things… just the right hint of mystery and darkness, I think. How easy it is to be tempted by the things you want that are just out of your reach…


  4. This…as chains too light to feel until they were too strong to be broken ensnared you. Cue sinister laugh, lol. Such an ominous tale…can’t wait for the next part!!

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