Memoirs of my heritage

Hi mina Beaton
Wa Gilbert
Wa Tsamwisi
Wa Muzamani
Wa Ndalega
wa Ngwena
Wa Matsena
Wa Bhangwani
weka xinyori xahomba
Wakanga nzela ribwe
….. and growing up my grandad (bless his soul) did make us recite the names of our ancestors and our heritage and totem  of fire, as far back as was known….
So that we would always remember, and still do…

Grandfather and grandchild
My Grandad and I

Technically our culture ain’t from around here, Zimbabwe my motherland hence the strange totem of Fire. Some guy just kinda made it up cause they was asked by local folk when they migrated here.

Hey whats your mutupo?

and they be like “Whats that?”

“Well its like your spirit animal, its how you recognise your kin and you can’t ever eat it, ever
So the next guy who really could not think of a single thing to never eat because it would be too sacred to was like “I love to eat strange strange things I got a strange problem hmmm
I know what, FIRE that’s our mutupo…”

And these guys were all warrior like, we are the lost descendants of Shaka The Zulu after all,  noone was willing to challenge the choice and so it stayed and fire it was…
So it was written, so it was.
And ama tell my kids that story… Or blog it


I can't do magic so I write



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