Of reflections

Of reflections

Stares into depth of mirror,
Asks self “Who am I?”
Questions self  “Who are you, to ask me who I am?”
Your reflection” I reply
Have you ever looked,
Really  looked at your identification particulars,
And realised its nothing but
A piece of paper, plastic or metal in some cases,
With your name and a picture,
That states you the bearer,
are who you are
And noone else.
Who are we but the projections and perceptions
Of the illusions
And the delusions
we labor under.
Who are we but complex equations,
Of projections and actions that define us
We are a summation,
Of the way we see ourselves,
The way we imagine others see us,
The why others imagine we see ourselves,
And the way they see us,
And all we have are our words and actions
These are the codecs,
That program how we
consolidate our truth & perceptions
illusions & delusions,
to project images on the minds of others.
And in the end, 
We are who we are,
Who we are meant to be,
nothing more and less.


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