the man in the mask

Of masquerades
life is one big masquerade ball,
fancy dress and masks,
hiding our true selves,
showing only what we wish revealed,
keeping everything else concealed,
so many lives,
living their present life trying to be,

someone others want to see,

Many hiding the real person inside,

behind a veil ,
Maybe, they are living one big lie,
never knowing the reason why.
Some people choose to just exist,

living their life in a virtual mist,

Following others they don’t know,

who live life like one big show,

Simply following that big crowd,

who are you really beneath your mask,
when the clock chimes midnite ,
and masks come off,
I wear a mask beneath my mask,
beneath that perhaps yet another mask,
afraid that without it,
you would know my secret,
that there’s nothing beneath it,
i cease to exist,
without it i vanish,
i am the invisible man,
you wouldnt see me,
maybe just maybe,
beneath your mask you are invisible too,
maybe just maybe,
thats why you keep your mask on,
long after the music stops,
and the dance has ended.
The charade lingers on.
Don’t hide behind that mask of your’s,
Don’t shy away from the crowd ,
Don’t hide in the corner where
darkness takes over,
No one is looking at you No one is watching
No one is judging you

There is a life to live and you are
invited to attend There will be music and dancing,
laughter and smiling,
There will be hugs and cheers ,
heartaches and tears,
there will be love lost and love found,

Take your defensive mask down ,
Take the chance to be known,
Take the knowledge that no one is
Let yourself go
Set freedom to the caged bird inside
Make tonight the night you live for
yourself and not for others…


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