Of The TMI Tag

Thank you to The Britchy One for nominating me in this challenge, almost a year ago, I cant believe a year has passed already, congrats on the blog anniversary, I could have sworn you were at this for much longer than a year…..

 I started on this challenge, then got side tracked and discovered it while clearing out my drafts, about a week ago, many thanks for the nomination these things have no expiry date right?

So here goes TMI tag…..


• Acknowledge the person who nominated you.

• Answer the questions.

• Nominate other bloggers for the tag.

** this is simply for the fun of it, I wont be nominating anyone for the challenge, if the mood moves you consider yourself tagged and just run with it…… seems like a sensible right; to business then.


Q: Have you ever been love before?

If you mean the palms sweating, knees shaking, hands shaking, heart racing, world spinning, difficult to breathe, throat swelling, arms itching, when you see them type of love…..well it turned out that what I really felt was an allergic reaction. I was allergic to her perfume, it had bee pollen extracts.

To bee or not to bee
To bee or not to bee

Q: What is your favorite drink

The blood of my enemies, fair warning; I will dance on your grave and bathe in your blood…….. Ok! TMI?…. Confession that kinda freaked me out a tad too, lets turn it down a notch, how about the blood of grapes, fyi its only cause I get to use the word blood in it.

the blood of grapes

Q: What is your favorite song

Depends with the season, but currently one of my most replayed tracks is Wongororo by the late Oliver Mtukuzi. It was the theme song of my first legal night out, a day not easily forgotten as I tried to pace my drinking to the man with the talking guitar singing

“wakurumidza kumedza kutsenga uchada, mandikurumidze akabara mandinonokera……. usiku urefu”

translation “you rushed to swallow while you still needed to chew, more haste less speed… the night is still young” and it was quite the cautionary tale as I tried to drink somewhat responsibly

Q: What is your zodiac sign

I am a Pisces and you could say this February baby is in his element


Q: What is your favorite show

Game of thrones, valar morgulis!!!!! The End Is Coming

 game of thrones end game

Q: What is your favorite band

Freshlyground A South African band Afro-fusion ensemble.

Q: Name something you really miss

I miss the kind of you music that made you want to fall in love, the kind of music you could listen to and actually hear the words and understand the message without needing to first Google up the lyrics, song references and meaning.

Q: Where do you go when you are sad

I am sad because I cant go anywhere, I’d be happy anywhere but here….a beautiful place “to leave

Q: Have you ever been in a physical fight

With myself….. yes, I punched myself in the eye trying to remove a sweater with a super tight collar

Q: what is your favorite colour

I don’t like any colour, so by elimination I like black, which is the absence of all colour

Q: Loud music or soft

Whats the point of listening to music if your neighbours cant hear your good taste too?

Image result for loud music clip art

Q: Who is the best actor

Our Police Spokesperson who can go on a press conference and  with a straight face, on live TV, tell some outlandish alternative facts

Q: Do you have any fears? What are they?

Yes. Snakes, something about them lacking toes, really gets under my skin and the very rational fear that one can be bitten, and inevitably die!!

Q: What is the meaning behind your blog name

Becoming The Muse…… well one day I decided, why not be my own muse and here I am and here we are

Q: When was the last time you said I love you

Today, to Microsoft’s Document Autorecovery Feature which autosaves your document in real time; in the event of an unexpected shutdown even without saving next time you launch the app all your unsaved work in progress pops back up. I said I love because I had lost this post when the PC encountered an error and went all blue screen of death on me

The blue screen of death

Q: What was the last book you read

Delver Magic Book 13 Concealed by Deceit by Jeff Ianniello

Image result for delver magic 13

Q: What book are you currently reading

I am not reading a book, I am busy formatting this post, so I can hit the publish button….

Q: was the last sport you played

Does running away from a tear-gas-throwing, baton-stick-wielding riot police squad in some sort of real life Temple Run count as a sport? If yes, then the answer would be about two weeks ago!!!!!

temple run in the real life

Q: What instruments do you play

The keyboard…. the computer keyboard that is

Q: What was the last song you sang?

And so I wake in the morning
And I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high
And I scream from the top of my lungs
What’s going on?

4 Non Blondes Whats Going On

Q: What is your favorite food? 

Anything that is not poisonous

Q: Name a place you want to visit.

Lake Victoria, Uganda

Map of Lake Victoria

Q: What is your favorite sweet flavour?

sweet chilli sauce

Q: Whats your favorite piece of jewelry? 

This wrist band on my hand which doubles as a hair band thingie….

Thanks for sticking through and reading to the gory end, and perhaps you may now know me better.


Of Tuku, The Man, The Music and The Legend

I have started and stopped and restarted, rewrote and stopped writing this post because I simply can not find the words do justice to this man, his music and the legacy he left…..

Oliver Mtukudzi 1952 - 2019

Oliver Mtukudzi born 22 September 1952 and gone to soon 23 January 2019 coincidentally on the first anniversary of the death of his long time friend the father of South African Jazz Hugh Masekela

Oliver Mtukudzi Hugh Masekela
Hugh Masekela Oliver Mtukudzi share stage
Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela entertains music-lovers at the Standard Bank Joy Jazz Festival Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Image credit: Veli Nhlapo Sowetan

Sometimes in death, just like in poetry, music and art; life has a certain symmetry.

Tuku as Oliver Mtukudzi was affectionately known had a musical career spanning close to five decades resulting in a 66 album discography one can be forgiven for thinking he was much older than he was.

Small wonder his music transcended generations x through to the millenials, with a song for every season, reason and occasion, from birthdays to weddings, funerals and any gathering you could think no playlist was ever truly complete without Tuku Music. 

The man with The Talking Guitar Oliver Mtukudzi

Tuku Music thats how he finally labeled his brand music an Afro-jazzy Jit Afro-pop sound accompanied by guitar which earned him the moniker:

The Man With The Talking Guitar

the man with the talking guitar

“I looked for a sound the guitar couldn’t make in a guitar — that is how I learned to play the guitar”

Oliver Mtukudzi

Recognised not only localy and regionally but globally too with a string of accolades next time his name, not only a musician but businessman, philanthropist and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

The man might be gone but his music and legend live on; the come very few people in a lifetime with the power to wield such an influence, who can grasp the soft power of music and subtly weave it into themes that you can relate any given day, a song to celebrate success, a song for mourning, an ode to death, a song for marital abuse, a song for strength.

Even those who did not understand the language still felt a connection even singing and dancing along, to be honest the are some songs which even to date I am still learning what they were really about and not just a catchy dance track but actually a sad song but mastered ever so well

With 60+ discography that is older than I am, I can not even begin to try and pick out a tracks, that I liked better than others, I have even reconnected with tracks that were from my soundtrack growing up I did not even realise I was even listening

And to borrow from the track Ndima Ndapedza, which is a farming metaphor song meaning that I have finished my portion of the work

Penyu pese masakura mazunza Samanyanga zvasarira isu

(you finished and dusted, whats left is for us to figure out)

You would think he was being prophetic but who do you ask?

Oliver Mtukudzi

He lived as an icon, died as all man must, buried as a hero and forever remembered as a legend.


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