Of Scream Blacula Scream

Scream Blacula Scream is a 1973 horror movie sequel to Blacula. The movies stars William Marshall returning as Blacula alongside Pam Grier.

Scream Blacula Scream Movie review

In this sequel, Blacula is brought back to life and once again embarks on an uncontrollable vampiric rampage while trying to find a way to exorcise his unnatural cravings.

The Good

You can tell the movie had a bigger budget and the vampire teeth looked less werewolfesque, on the surface it is scarier than the original and seems more polished.

William Marshall once again brought his magnetic stage presence, thoroughly owning the character. Pam Grier was equally enchanting and together they had great chemistry and plenty of screams.

Pam Grier as Lisa Fortier and William Marshall as Blacula in Scream Blacula Scream

The movie has an interesting take on Vodoo compared to the more common takes where its treated stereotypically as bad.

The Bad

The makeup and costuming still left a lot to be desired ….. Also not sure why they made the other vampires behave more like zombie undead than vampires.

Vampire horse in Scream Blacula Scream

While it had a better budget and somewhat more carnage than the first movie, Scream Blacula Scream felt rushed and never fully exploring any of the plot points which had grounded the original movie, for example, the love of his love seemed easily discarded and where initially he had kept and embraced his identity as Mamuwalde, he shed it off to become Blacula without redemption.

The Ugly

Again another product of its time and one just needing to not dwell too much on some aspects. Moving On.

Compared to the its predecessor the sequel lacks actual substance although it has some interesting takes which could have been better explored to flesh out characters and their motivations. Instead its just it muddles through the plot leading to an unsatisfying conclusion.

Final Thoughts

When I had mentioned I was going to watch Blacula Matt had urged I avoid it’s awful sequel Scream Blacula Scream at all costs but my curiosity is like a Bluebeard tale. I just had to see for myself where they went with it. If one simply wants plenty of screams from characters and something to bite into that is not a wholesome meal then this movie isn’t ½ too bad.



    1. And it is showing up now. Did you change the scheduled time or something? I know that can mess up the reader bad sometimes.

      Guess I need to investigate Feedly this weekend, sigh….

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  1. 😂 Glad you agree B on the sequel, Marshall wasn’t half bad in Abby (the black Exorcist) either. I’d say pretty much most of the other 70’s blaxploitation horror films suck ie. Blackenstien, JD’s Revenge, Dr. Black & Mr.Hyde, Ganja and Hess, Sugar Hill ECT be my guest if you desire to seek them out.

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    1. When I was researching up the movie I saw references to Blackenstein and how it tanked and of course it makes sense, looks like “Hollywood” has never really changed in terms of how when they see a winning trend they will try to milk it for all its worth without putting in the effort to actually make it work… Like Blacula was a success and OK let’s try and redo the other features but make them black
      Or looking at how everything seems to have gotten reboots I am pretty sure a Blacula reboot will be coming up🤣

      For the culture I might explore the blaxploitation horror movies, for research purposes seeing as history has a habit of repeating itself. Just like movies 🎥


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      1. There was a reboot of sorts Vampire in Brooklyn starring Eddie Murphy back in the 90’s, but if they remade it today, ill stick to the cheesey original

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      2. ah yes I remember that one, haha it didnt go out of its way to be a reboot 🤔 more like shared influence from Dracula.
        The cheesy original def takes the prize


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    1. Squeals are always tricky business, I don’t think I’ve ever run into a sequel that outdid the original… 🤔
      Can you think of one?



      1. I think most of them try. When I watched The Defenders which came, i conjecture, as a sequel to the five seasons of Marvel’s Netflix Orginal Series (known to many by the fourth season – the iron fist), I felt that the writers had somewhat overlooked Danny Rand’s family grievances over their business which actually bore the movie and instead given it an overstretched political and economic view. It was amazing but still some initial stones remained unturned.

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