Of TikTok and The Waya Waya Dance

Do you know where the danger is…

TikTok could easily be one of the hottest and fastest growing social media platforms. In just 5 years its grown from being short video sharing trend, to closing 2021 leading Google as the most visited internet site according to Cloudflare.

TikTok.com domain ranking over time
TikTok.com ranking over time source Cloudflare

I wont pretend I understand it, I don’t even have the app on my phone, but still TikTok trends locate me. TikTok videos have a distinct watermark you cant miss them. What I have found most interesting about TikTok is its seemingly endless range, you name it, someone proably has a TikTok about and then some, from silly dances to life coaches.

TikTok is like the new Google or Youtube Tutorials, people will even be quoting stats and facts –(although a large number of those seem rather made up or lack solid research—someone just mentions that research shows that 90% of all stats are nonsenseand people just accept, thats where the danger is)

According to USA deomgraphics the largest group of  TikTok users is in the 13-28 band and generation Z. Kind of explains some of the trends that go viral, makes me feel rather old, not to say there arent people of all ages having the time of their life on TikTok, so go for it.

Tiktok users by age

And on that viral trend, I have always marveled at how TikTok skits can suddenly propel a song to top charts or push it out of a graveyard of forgotten hits, they can also exponentially hype up a song that when you find the song in the clip its not as satisfactory an experience… but sometimes, sometimes.. it works.

The Waya Waya Challenge

 The Waya Waya Challenge has been a global trend which appears to have started in Asia with people doing Tai Chi zombiesque dance routine vaguely reminiscent of the iconic zombie choreography from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

The song is quite catchy and I have even found myself just randomly doing the dance, pity I don’t have TikTok might have recorded myself for the interwebs. The most fascinating thing is how the song by Master KG is from 4 years ago and out of the blue the track has started to trend on YouTube.

The South African artist Kgaogelo Moagi who goes by the stage name, Master KG is no stranger to being a viral sensation, his song Jerusalema spawned quite the global movement during lockdown when it just ballooned into a symbol for humanity, with videos of people all over the world dancing along. It also generated some lawsuits too as, the artist claimed the were corporates and organisations who had used the song in advertorials without permission or consultation… Not sure how that got resolved but it was quite the stark reminder about not just using music without giving artists their dues… but that’s a story for another day.

What are your got to social media platforms, if any? Have you participated in any internet video challenges?

I am on most platforms but my addiction is with Twitter: @Beatonm5




  1. Tik tok is chinese spyware, flat out. Stats show that to be 100% true 😉

    But seriously, after hearing about the engineers talking about people’s personal data, I’ve decided I’ll die before I touch the thing…

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    1. Haha! well the company maintains that although ByteDance is a Chinese company they do not spy on you…

      And while their software has potential access to harvest all your personal data they assure you it’s only to better enhance your user experience that’s all😇

      Imagine dying and being a viral zombie TikTok (personal data won’t matter when you are dead right? 🤣🤣🤣)


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  2. The sad thing is, I’m in that age range, and even I can’t wrap my head around a lot of the stuff that’s popular. Mostly, I avoid it. But then, I suppose it can be a way for people to express themselves, shake off their inhibitions, and that isn’t all bad.

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      1. That it does. I’m on it most times to distress I guess and waste my data bundles while at it but I assure you I have seen the best and the worst. It does give you a choice to select your genres of choice when you start using the application so yes, if you want the lame and toxic, you will definitely find it and the comments sections are the best part for me. I guess I enjoy studying people’s thoughts towards content. But then again, it’s social media, who knows if the comments are from the heart or are just an act

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  3. Thenlast time we did Jerusalem dance at work, people burst into laughter😂😂😂. I didn’t even participate
    The wayawaya challenge is the easiest dance challenge. It caters people like with two left legs


  4. I don’t do TikTok and stay away from those viral challenges as they’re often plain stupid (eating laundry detergent pods, etc…). Every now and again, I will watch a clip with synchronized dancing. The positive thing about it is that hopefully, the people in it got to have some fun with each other. Seems like a great team-building exercise. IF you’re into it.


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