Of Moonlit Nites (v)

“Do you know you are like the moon? The moon shines so bright and is so small that it fits between my fingers, but I can never bring it home. Whenever I see it, I marvel and despair at the same time.”

Scene from Mystic Pop-Up Netflix

Moon quote from Mystic Pop-Up Bar  a 2020 mystical thriller South Korean television series



    1. I liked it… A friend recommend it to me otherwise I don’t think I would have even known if it’s existence.

      On the downside it’s in Korean and you’ll have to watch with English subtitles, (unless you know Korean?) for some that’s a reason not to watch…. I actually prefer subtitles 🤣


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      1. I decided to give it a try. While the first or so episode was so-so, something made me keep watching. By about episode 4 I was hooked. The final episodes were fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation!


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