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I was watching a scifi movie and found it a bit funny how movies from over a decade ago predicted life after the year 2000 as very futuristic yet we are still years behind all that ( also note I have just realised that when I imagine 10 years ago I am thinking of life in the 90s 😂)

Although when I watch something I do try to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the cinematic production… still still, some things just stick out like a sore thumb that you just keep stubbing on furniture, or that scar you just won’t stop scratching.

Movies would have us believe:

>You can plug in a USB device at the FIRST trial always without even looking at USB orientation!!!!

>Whenever the hackers manage to log into a system, they have to announce “I am in“.

I am in !!!! *hacker voice*

>And when they are in, the server the graphic user interface is usually easy to understand and executes plain English commands e.g. any files with secrets can be found by simply typing the prompt *show secret files* even if it’s a ghost file on a ghost drive on a ghost server!!

>Hackers never ever use the mouse (unless they are amateurs) they just punch in a bunch of random keyboard strokes which are longer than the password until access is granted.

>And once they hack the password it tells you in BIG BOLD letters:


>And no matter how long a sentence someone is typing they never use the space bar and there is no cursor (maybe it’s because professional hackers dont use a mouse)

>And after all that typing no-one ever saves or ejects their devices, they just pull out and walk away; sometimes without even switching off or pressing hibernate button. When the next person uses the computer it will automatically be back on the home screen. (and they won’t even notice how they narrowly missed walking in on a hacker who left just barely seconds before)

>Even when your computer is off, it can be hacked and switched on remotely and when it is on, even if it has no camera, the people in the internet can see and hear whats going on and make incriminating recordings to blackmail you with.

>A virus will cause a computer system to blow up! Smoke and sparks coming out of the keyboard and monitors. Whats next a virus that can pour you a glass of wine?👀

>When running a search on a of an unknown identity or quantity the computer always gives a countdown timer to when it will have completed the search e.g. facial recognition or fingerprint scan.

>When tracing a phone call from an encrypted server it will show a world map complete with trace lines connecting all the places the call was routed from and the time it will take to trace the exact location usually 30 seconds (but the caller seems to know how long it will take and cuts call seconds before wiping away all digital tracks of the signal)

>If you dont want to be tracked you have to take out the sim card and battery, then break apart the phone, after which you toss the pieces as far apart as possible.

>A photograph scanned into a computer can be zoomed into so much that you can get detail which was not possible to get from the original photo, e.g you can zoom in and read the address on a letter on the ground, or see things behind trees or the back of house from reverse reconstruction of reflections on any glassy surface, and even lift of fingerprints from the reflection of a glass of wine on the table in a photograph.

>Computers never crash or show that “beginning of physical dump” blue screen of death… must be nice.

>How fast is the internet!?? People upload and download large files in like seconds and they can send real time imagining from the satellite to your location with infrared and night vision filters via your smartphone regardless of network or location.

And how is it that even in movies made this side of technological revolution when someone is wearing a wire they have this hideous wire strapped to their chest just asking to get caught 😂 seriously its 2022

Any other fun little quirks movie and tv people have us just sweep under the carpet? Do share 😂


PS The police always arrive after everything is mostly resolved but how do they explain away everything that will have happened to the police?



  1. Love this, hahaha! I guess we are all just mindless zombies 😭 and I’m no computer geek but have to just be easily amused when it comes to the techy ridiculousness!


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