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The Adam Project is a 2022 sci-fi movie directed by Shawn Levy who directed Free Guy. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds (who also starred in Freeguy which might explain how he got cast in this one)  Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener, and Zoe Saldaña.

The Adam Project poster

The Adam Project was released on Netflix on March 11, 2022, has been top of the movie charts.

Netflix ranking The Adam Project
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The premise of the movie…. without spoilers— Save the future by going back in time to stop something from happening…. yes there is time travel in it.

The Good

Two words: Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is there being his usual funny wise-cracking, smart Adam self… but of course, he dials down the snarkiness and tries to keep it PG 13 as this flick is whole family entertainment.

The Adam Project

The cinematography though not mind-blowing is decent with some well-choreographed action scenes and high-speed aircraft chases.

Light saber and the force in The Adam Project

Time travel is a tricky subject, but in The Adam Project they kept it simple (maybe a bit too simple) so everything is easy enough to follow and makes sense as long as you don’t think about it… With a running time of 1 hour 46 minutes, the movie does not overstay its welcome and ends before you overthink it… (and probably not much afterwards)

The Bad

I still have questions over the time travel that I felt was kinda swept under the carpet of the space time continuum….. Like but hey….  You cant just go around doing things like that right?

Zoe Saldaña’s screen time was rather short, her presence presented a nice counterbalance to Ryan Reynoldseque energy. Unfortunately, Zoe’s character stays underutilised.

Zoe Saldaña and Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project

The Ugly

Is it possible to have too much Ryan Reynolds in a movie? I think this movie would make an excellent case study of just that, a young Ryan Reynolds, an old Reynolds and a father figure who behaves like an older Ryan Reynolds….

The Adam Family The Adam Project

Final Thoughts

The Adam Project is a feel-good flick with some family drama, decent action and comedy to keep you and your family entertained… It is not a particularly memorable movie that will revolutionise your thoughts on time travel and the world at large, but it will keep you entertained for an hour and three quarters.

Have you watched The Adam Project?




  1. Glad to read your honest appraisal, B. I have been seeing it come up on Netflix and thinking, “I should watch this.” Haven’t yet. Thank goodness it will not ‘revolutionise my thoughts on time travel.’ I prefer not to have those messed with just yet.

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    1. Hahaha speaking of revolutionising time travel thoughts did you watch Tenet, I’m still recovering from all that time inversion 🤣

      The Adam Project won’t give you a headache or might even be somewhat an enjoyable feel good adventure… Especially if you like Ryan Reynolds… But if for any reason you dislike the actor because he seems to act the same role (or maybe he doesn’t act at all he is being himself…) then this film would leave one very much unimpressed 😎


      You should totally watch it seeing as you’ve already thought it 🤣

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      1. So sorry it took me 3 months to see your reply and reply to your reply!! 🙂 We watched The Adam Project a few weeks ago. I loved it. I do like Ryan Reynolds, though. Yes, I did see Tenet right after it came out. I enjoyed it, too. Might like to watch it again to see if I can keep up with the backs and forths.

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  2. I’ve watched it and I totally enjoyed it and I Love Ryan Reynolds. I agree it wasn’t as mind boggling as Tenet, hahaha!! The young Ryan Reynolds I thought was adorable and a good actor picking up well the older Ryan’s demeanor and mannerisms. I do wonder if Ryan is really like that or are his roles so much alike? I am curious!! Great review, fun and entertaining movie, it kinda reminded of Guardians to the Galaxy! 🤩👍🤣


  3. I’ve seen similar reviews. Since I did not enjoy Free Guy as much as I expected to do so, I’ve become skeptical about RR movies. He used to be funny without trying. Now, they are trying too hard and it’s not working.


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