Of Zesa Gone: Flying In The Dark

Sometimes you fall before you fly…
in my case I had to stumble in the dark,
discover a coffee table with my ankle,
explore something hard with my pinky
reach with my hands into unending darkness
only to walk into a closed door with my face
and refrain from swearing too loudly
stumble backwards,
fall on my back,
get up again,
try to see in the dark
only to bump my big toe on something hard
and turn right
into a wall
face first,
and drop my phone
which landed onto my other pinky toe
and disappeared beneath the coffee table
now am crawling after it
all before I start flying
I will FLY….

Zesa Gone
Zesa gone – no electricity

a little something written during load-shedding (a power outage) *ZESA is the Zimbabwean power utility company and colloquially refers to electricity.



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