Of Midnight Mass

It’s the scary season and I kicked it off with the Netflix series Midnight Mass. We were discussing what to watch in a Whatsgroup and SpekkTrumn suggested Midnight Mass. I looked it up real quick, and decided, okaaaaaay, colour me intrigued.

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass - Netflix

Midnight Mass is a supernatural miniseries created and directed by Mike Flanagan. The series premiered on Netflix on the 24th of September 2021. The show has 7 episodes approximately an hour each, which gives it about seven hours of viewing time, perfect for a weekend binge.

The show follows the mysterious events that start transpiring in the backwater island town of Crockett when a charismatic young priest arrives into town and onto the pulpit of St Patrick’s church….

Crocket Island
"This little island. So sleepy, it could be dead."

 *Interesting Note* While Crockett Island is entirely fictional and so is the story; Midnight Mass was filmed in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and the real name of the location is Garry Point Park.

Garry Point Park stands in for Crockett Island as Vancouver and City of Richmond make up the Midnight Mass filming locations.
Notice of Netflix series filming Gary Point Park – image credit Elvira

The Good

Two words: Mike Flanagan.

Mike Flanagan Midnight Mass
Mike Flanagan makes a cameo appearance in Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan is the genius behind several horror productions and has received praise from Stephen King. Mike Flanagan directed Dr Sleep the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 novel Dr Sleep, a  sequel to the 1977 classic The Shining.

The show is true to Flanagan’s trademark M.O. where a character-driven plot lets you get underneath the character’s skin …while they slowly get into your head. You will never be ready for what comes next.

Midnight Mass has some profound dialogue, questions and challenges societal beliefs, faith and purpose; leaving you to ponder long after the last credit has rolled on the screen.

Sometimes it’s okay to just look at the world and say, “Why? Why? Why? I don’t understand.”

The Bad

The plot follows a very slow boiled recipe where nothing immediately jumps out of the pot and startles you. (Flanagan doesn’t do jump scares) The first couple of episodes seem to drag oooooon, especially after watching the trailer which gives a rather misleading impression of quick action. I almost stopped watching….

My recommendation: stick with it till episode 3 before making any hasty decisions.

Midnight Mass

The Ugly

The characters are prone to insightful monologues which are intriguing but geez this is supposed to be a horror series, not a soliloquy soirée. Some of the characterisations can come across as preachy-high-horsed rhetoric.

Those of a sensitive religious disposition might find aspects of this series offensive to their sensibilities. The series raises questions that can test one’s faith.

"We tend to dislike mysteries. We feel uncomfortable not knowing... The more that we know, the less we bend, the more brittle we become, the easier to break."
Midnight Mass

Final thoughts

Midnight Mass is an epic ride whose most interesting aspect I can’t write about because there be spoilers. I liked how they made this series to be an atypical horror trope and not once do they mention one singular word that will immediately jump at you a couple of episodes into watching this series.

Have you watched this? Would you watch such?



  1. My policy in life is that I don’t watch horror movies. There is enough horror and tragedy around us in this world so there is no need for me to stress myself further by watching more of it on screen.

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    1. Ooooh awesome…. How far in a you just out of curiosity


      I try ever so hard to write spoiler free reviews but I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you are done

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      1. I’ve just completed this series and i think i’ve come out a philosopher. haha 😂 I’m now contemplating death in the biblical perspective and on the scientific perspective. The question raised at the end of series was difficult for me to answer. To be honest with myself and speaking for myself, i really don’t know where we go when we die. The theme of this series was about religion. The series kind of leaned towards the seeing is believing kind of faith or where one dismisses the idea of a power that’s greater than us (God), mystery, and rejection of religion. The series tries to paint a sardonic picture about religion on the other hand it shows the hope, purpose, and sense of community it provides. Well, considering what’s going on the catholic church right now, it tries to bring to light the imperfections and selfishness motives some of the religious leaders may have when it comes to leadership

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      2. The was some profound perspective on death, I for one, am one who sees how science intersects with faith and accept that even if the are things we cant get answers to it doesnt make them any less real or true.
        Most importantly the series had an interesting viewpoint on how sometimes the real monsters are people and good intentions can lead one astray… But as you also point out, people must not have a blind following to their religious leaders.


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  2. Enjoyed midnight mass as a concept. I had never seen/read anything like it. Plus para-biblical fiction is fascinating. And Erin-Greene was a beaut😍
    Did NOT enjoy the slow burn. It could have been a 3-hour long movie🙂

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    1. It definitely is…. different.
      It’s very thought provoking.

      Erin Greene was amazing. Fun fact did you know the actress who plays Erin Greene is married to Mike Flanagan (writer and director of Midnight Mass) So I am guessing he tailor made a role for her to shine. Also he casts her in most of the productions he is a part of but never has had a leading role…

      The slow burn was a bit…. Much… Lol yep they could have had it down to a 3hour movie and cut out unnecessary drama and it would have still rocked


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