Of A Random List Of Musings

Random list from my drafts don’t remember what I was responding to, kinda reads like a poem….

  1. Are you a writer or not?
  2. If you have to ask yourself this question, then I am afraid….
  3. There are interesting stories out there learn at least one.
  4. We have no attention span.
  5. keep it interesting bite sized.


6. in unread little pieces of drafts.

7. in the hearts of old friends and long lost family members.

8. under the blankets.

9. beneath the stars.

10. waiting for the adulting bus, navigating my way through…. life

11. somewhere reading a good book.

12. somewhere writing.

13. waiting for you to ask me to stay.

14. in a busy city, my feet echoing the footsteps of others.

15. At home….whatever defines it..

…my loved ones, within myself.

•…..or somewhere far out there.

•…..the unknown


-If others knew what they wanted to read before they read it, they’d write it themselves-



  1. Wooooow…..this legit feels like an intentional poetry draft🔥🔥🔥….but I guess it’s all within the creative mind…. especially that you realized your drafts do actually sound like a poem

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    1. I wish I remember what I was responding to, I think it was a sort of QnA about inspiration for writing.
      Haha you know what disregarding the numbers, it could actually be a poem.


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