Of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is 2021 reboot of The Mortal Kombat movies which are based on an ultraviolent martial arts video game of the same name. Mortal Kombat was theatrically released internationally on April 8, 2021 and for a month will be available on HBO Max when it will be removed until the normal home media release schedule period.

Mortal Kombat Poster

Those familiar with the video games will know to expect a ludicrous fighting game with graphic blood and gore, spines being ripped off and hearts being pulled out over some outlandish story about battling to save Earthrealm from sinister forces…. That is pretty much it.

You do not pick up this title with the intention to watch wholesome entertainment and character development in well constructed story arcs that will have you connecting with the characters… If that is what you seek this movie is not for you… but if you have two hours to kill willing to suspend disbelief and revel in some almost gratuitous violence, served in familiar finishing moves and some catchphrases from the games… then what are you waiting for?

The Good

Mortal Kombat has some well-executed (no pun intended) finishing moves and choreography sequences bearing the signature fatalities one would expect from the video games, Rated R you know there will be blood and gore…

Kano wins Mortal Kombat
Kano Wins

The Bad

The movie’s pacing is a bit awkward it starts off with a tense opening which then fizzles out into an overdrawn character introduction with a superfluous walkthrough on what Mortal Kombat is without really doing justice to the characters nor convincingly explain the Mortal Kombat premise/

Of course as with most martial art movie storyline they will need to prepare, master their techniques before the show can really begin. Then finally you have the action-packed last half of the movie and an ending which just lays ground for a sequel..

The Ugly

While I would not say I am a big fan of the video games I found the movie not being quite canonical with the lore from the video games.

Mortal Kombat didn’t have enough of the familiar favourite characters or their storylines and those who were there didn’t really get their moment in the sun, maybe they are testing the waters and priming the audience before getting a bigger budget for the sequel.

Final Thoughts

I give it a fair rating, you get what you ask for, a cheesy martial arts movie with a ludicrous premise and some graphic fighting sequences and when it starts you can scream the catch phrase as the techno beat kicks in MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

Flawless Victoy Mortal Kombat

Have you watched Mortal Kombat? Would you watch it or its not your cuppa tea…




    1. hahaha Oh its out already and thanks to lockdown and the like its already available otherwise we would have had to wait a bit for it to reach our side of the world

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    1. hahahaha ok granted the 1995 version was super lame, I think I was in my preteens when I watched it hahahaha and I thought it was terrible, this one has definitely grown up a bit and rates far better than the 95 version…. oh and they still do parts of the song…. MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! *cues techno beat* hahaha
      You should totaly watch if only to see if its still lame hahahaha

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    1. I barely remember the old movies being young as well, but it was somewhat a flop I seem to recall… yeah this one ticks enough of the boxes to not be flop and yeah for the curiosity I definitely recommend you watch then we can laugh and laugh


  1. Not my cuppa tea, but then I think you could have guessed that. Lol – so much so that I didn’t even know this was a remake! 😆 You always write great reviews though! ~ D

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    1. hahaha thank you D ^_^
      From previous responses to reviews and the like I can almost guess your cup of tea hahaha hmm but the hubs might find it an interesting past time hahaha

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      1. Now I feel like not doing a review since you’ve done one already lol


  2. Thank you for this review. I noticed the movie and considered watching it. Then, I saw a trailer (my standard practice before watching a movie) and decided against it. My reasoning was exactly like yours – it starts with a punch and then it just takes a long time to get to the end.

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  3. I remember growing up my brother used to play the game. Confirm its the one with an Asian girl in a blue outfit who does an upside down rotating kick? I’m not sure if I would watch the movie, thanks but no thanks.


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