Of A Website Being A Conversation

A website is a conversation

A Website is a conversation

Well if Code Is Poetry……Then A Website is A conversation.

I am a story-teller I come from a line of story-tellers  its in my blood we used to sit round a fire and tell stories and now, we gather round our devices in this digital age stories are immortalized on the pages of the internet, I start digital fires.

Screenshot (53)

A Website just like a good story, tells not just a story but it’s a conversation; it captures the mind, it engages your audience and they ask those four words every story-teller loves to here…. And Then what happened next.

So you have a website its perfect everything is on fleek. The design is flawless, the seo is optimized so is the device compatibility….

Screenshot (54)

And then what happens next? What comes after:

Screenshot (56).png

The internet is where websites go to die, buried in the digital grave of the information superhighway… Here is how you keep it alive:

  • Keep it up to date

Screenshot (57)

Have you ever visited a website only to find that content on it is all outdated?  Everything was uploaded and edited probably on the day the site went live and then never again. You scroll along, nothing new to see here, and they just lost a reader or client or potential stream of revenue.

  • Consistent content

Content is king

Schedule a content calendar, so you always know what and when you are posting.

Social media has changed the way websites are treated. Your site must be RELEVANT and  RESONATE with the audience and is also CURRENT.


*Cant find a word for current or up to date that begins with R

Whats worse than a site that is irrelevant and does not resonate with an audience …. Well I would have say one where you cant find the contact details. Maybe removed because they don’t want emails flooding inbox telling them how out of touch the site is…..

  • Contact Details

contact details

Contact details should be easy to find. If you include an email address, make sure it’s a working email address,  and please respond to your emails, you might want to even keep an eye on your spam folders too.

  • Interaction

Like I said a website is a conversation, and a conversation means you are not just talking to or talking at but you a talking with someone.

A website is a conversation

Make it easy to engage with you. Don’t add sign up procedures that require one to create an account and chant incantations on a full moon night, maybe howl a little, then verify they are human by making a small sacrifice……

A website is a conversation, engage with your audience if you get an email, reply, if you get a comment reply to it. You might want to have links to your social media visible on your website and likewise your social media pages points to your Website.


I visit a lot of websites, blogs mainly, the ones I keep going back to are the ones where I feel my presence is appreciated and will probably respond to the call to action from them, than have you ever read a post on a website and then left what you felt was a comment that needed a response and the site owners just ignored you… its like a blue tick message on Whatsapp.  And chances of me coming back or subscribing…. low

Here is protip for bloggers who want to build their readership, its ridiculously easy….When a fellow blogger reads and comments, go to their site and read and comment some of theirs. Read other blogs go out there and find them, read to see how other people write or interact with their audience, and read to find out how to not write, if you go to a website and find things about it that you don’t like then you learn to not do that on yours……..

  • Be classy

Make sure that your call to action is not over powering. You click on a website and the first thing that fills the screen is this:

Call to action

A large pop up window covering everything else, telling you to subscribe to the newsletter….. why should I subscribe when I don’t even know what you are about, I don’t want you in my emails I don’t know you like that, the conversation hasn’t even started……

I might probably close the page entirely without proceeding further, I really might and my chances of subscribing if I do proceed are slim…..On my tiny screen its easier to close the site entirely than to try and press the x to close the pop up window.

A Website is a conversation….. what does yours say?


This was part of my presentation at the WordCamp Harare 2017 you can find my presentation slides here: A website is conversation 



  1. So, I’m be in my rights to call you a digital pyromaniac? 😆

    What my site says? Never really thought about that. I guess, “Hey there, welcome, let’s explore my crazy mind together”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Give me a sec while I think hahahahahha
      Ok digital pyromaniac sounds about right also I did blow up a PC once so yeah……

      hahahaha alright then happy exploring !!!!


  2. Thank you B.. that was spot on.. last week I really wanted to comment on a blog but I got caught up in the Captcha find a street sign maze and in the end abandoned the process. Also I don’t want to keep giving out my email address or log on to comment or share. As you say a website is a conversation.. and blogging just underlines that. I am sharing in my blogger daily this evening and I hope everyone comes over to read in full.. thanks Sally

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Sally
      Thank you so much♥♥♥
      I agree, those Captcha things can be frustrating and the irony is not lost me too that a machine program is asking you to prove that you are human before you can proceed ha!!!!
      Thank you for dropping by ^_^
      Have an awesome day

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
    Absolutely agree with this post.
    What is said here goes for all forms of social media too.
    Also, back to the captia thing for a minute, blind and visually challenged people have a seriously hard time with those.
    Even the audio ones because our screen readers are talking over what is being said.
    Thank you blogger!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. You said everything that I have been trying to get through to some of my clients, who simply don’t see the need to keep their blogs or social media active.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know right???
        I am surprised that some people are surprised that they think they can just wave a magic and *poof* they have followers and subscribers and great engagement when they are not putting in the work (or paying someone to put in the work for them hahahha)



  4. B! I loved seeing you in action! Your’re such a great communicator with dazzling personality. I don’t blog but if I did…! hahaha
    Maybe one day
    Great read as one said before lololo, jk
    I’ll call it informative fo sho
    Keep em coming

    Ur #1 fan

    Liked by 1 person

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