Of A Woman’s Worth

woman queen

The value of a woman is not measured in how many cows you pay for her,
Nor is it measured by  how many children she will birth,
It is certainly not measured on a scale like you weigh a choice piece of meat at the butcher,
the value of a woman is not measured in her figure and shape or ratio of her waist to hips,
Nor is it measured in her equality to man
The value of a woman is priceless….
Measured in currency more valuable than gold…
The value of a woman is measured in the same way you measure the worth of any man of worth..
In the depth and goodness of the soul beneath…..

*work in progress*





  1. Wow, this piece is so short and simple yet so captivating. To think that you are a man and you wrote such an enlightening piece for women. This piece deserves an applauds. If only more men and even women could find true and appreciation, value and worth towards the beauty that is woman. Not just what is seen but what’s within too, deep within the soul.

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  2. Real ladies man here 😏… you are talented at conveying your ideas clearly, this poem is a true ode to women. I just hope you dont steal my lady with your lyricism 😂 lol

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    1. Thank you Dante!!!!!
      hahaha you might want to hide her from me when the stars are in alignment and I am in my element …. you will be able to tell by the flames shooting out of my eyes and the sparks crackling from my finger tips ….


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