Of Unwitnessed Moments

becoming the muse


If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that its nice of you to come visit, sometimes I need witnesses to witness what I get upto at times….

For starters:

Is it written anywhere that man cannot fry lettuce and must only nibble at it like a rabbit. Well I didn’t read that unwritten memo because witness:

wilted lettuce or kilt lettuce

Yes I did!!! I fried lettuce lightly with a hint of olive oil….

By the way do  not over do it or it will end up looking like this…….

kilt lettuce killed lettuce

If you were having coffee with me, we would not be having coffee but trying out a beetroot beverage. Just cut up the beetroot and boil …..


boiling beetroot

It tastes ….. interesting….. you can drink it to wash down the fried lettuce then chew a carrot and ask “Whats up Doc?”

What's up Doc?

If you were sipping on some beetroot juice with me, I would share with you an anecdote a friend mentioned about beetroot. Beetroot they mused, is a vegetable grown in the fiery gardens of hell and the Devil waters it himself by …erm relieving himself in it… and the redness is from the blood of all the sinners soul languishing there…… I don’t think they like beetroot much and I didn’t want to be the only with that imagery stuck in my head… tag it’s in your head now…

While you are trying to shake that visual out of your head I would tell you that next weekend (Saturday 4 November) is the Harare WordCamp. Guess what, I am writing this post while taking a break from working on my presentation… I am on the line up of speakers (pamamonya ipapo… Loosely translated sharing a stage with experts) As I mentioned earlier sometimes we need to be witnessed….. Here is  Everything You Need To Know About WordCamp Harare.

If you were sipping beetroot with me I would tell you that I am more than a pretty mind, I have just completed a pet project to refurbish the kitchen chairs and

spray painting chairs

black frame kitchen chairs

kitchen chairs

fixing kitchen chairs

kitchen chairs

They turned out ok for someone with a pencil for fingers.

The rest of  the renovations are slowly resolving:

From here

installing kitchen sink

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink

To here:

Kitchen Sink

and the man who is doing the tiles he was standing behind me and said Rasta give us a shout out…. So if you need your place tiled (reasonable amount too details at bottom of this post)

And since I have started on the shoutouts here are a few people whom I would like to thank for their support, especially for having read each and everyone of my September Posts you guys are the real MVPs

Donald starting with you since you so graciously pointed out that I should do a shout out roll

Mable you seconded this idea and see me about that guest thingie after next weekend yeah?

Shuvai for reading each and every one of my posts and the typos you discretely point out

D Abboh From that very first Typo you DMd me about, thank you for all the support and encouragement Happy Holidays.

Josh I don’t remember how I found your blog but here we are several posts and adventures later

Rachel Time flies, you are a welcome guest, and if you have any more posts to share, just let me know

Carrol Carrol Carrol what can I say, read my mind….

Laura Always A Pleasure

Team Afrobloggers Bubblez, Obuasinii, DorelMel

Team #BlogIndaba Makupsy, The Quarter Wife, Beauty’s Daughter, Keith

And if I forgot to mention you, introduce yourself and I will update the list….. it might also be because you never tell me when you visit you are this weird Guest… Don’t be that guest.


And Tariro for this tweet which made my day

Love and Laughter


PS This post should contain links and images but my internet is being petty will update   soon as I  can





  1. I like wilted lettuce salad, but I haven’t made it lately. Good stuff. The beet juice…that’s reaching back. I don’t think I have bought any since I got married, which is 25 years ago. I remember enjoying it.

    Have fun at your WordCamp!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh its called a Wilted lettuce Salad now I know thanks a million ….. also known as Killed lettuce or kilt….
      *holds glass of beet juice TOAST*
      Oh the WordCamp Will be a blast

      PS I grew the beetroot myself

      Liked by 1 person

    1. hey there Delilah I’ve got so much left to say, I am thousand miles away tonight this city looks so pretty If every word I wrote, would make you stop and stay I’d write it all some day these words will pay the bills and I’d have it all

      ♥♥♥♥ ~B

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Its a classic,how can you not know it…. Delilah by the Plain Whte Tees
        let me know when you listen to it…
        I always hum that song to myself when I see your name on my notifications
        … know wyou know

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I roasted beets for Sunday dinner today. I didn’t drink the juice. If you were having coffee with me, I would use our new coffee maker. Unless you preferred drinking tea. I didn’t read all of your daily posts, but I thought about the concept a few times. Sometimes I was drinking coffee. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know. Since you asked. Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thank you… for the visits, I will add you to the list because… “The Thought Counts” You should try almost freezing the beetroot juice or sipping on it with crushed ice…., no other additives necessary it’s quite the tonic.. you are welcome 🙂

      oooh a new coffee-maker does the new coffee taste better? lol any special features?


      Liked by 1 person

  3. B! Always my pleasure
    What about I’m on a beet kick too. Look at the universe!!! Wild and amazing lol
    I wish you everything in your upcoming endeavors. Soar and exude…You!
    Proud to call you my friend

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed reading this article. Am one of those people who think lettuce can only taste better raw and crunchy… but will try the cooked lettuce some time. The beetroot juice…you did a great job… your description will be brought to life back every time I think of having beetroot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if you fry it lightly it will still be crunchy unless you stop to reply to comments on your twitter while you cook and you come back and it looks like something someone ate and spat out lol…..you dont want this..

      hahahaha The beetroot description haunts you doesnt it ha

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha! My mum in law once cooked my lettuce and I totally freaked out, turns out you would have made a better daughter in law😂 and thanks for nothing, how am I ever going to eat beetroot again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Correction I would make a wonderful Son In Law hahahaha its really not that freaky the lettuce although that its also known as killed lettuce doesnt help matters
      Thanks for dropping by


      1. hahaha its hella confusing face your fears. . . you can even call it kilt lettuce if you want to be fancy….. ~B


  6. Haha… I’m ever so tempted to say ‘beetroot juice, beetroot juice… beetroot juice’ like three times just to see… well I just did, and nothing … Ergh.. maybe when the Internet is being less petty a little something might happen *shrugs shoulders* thanks loads for the shout out B, I’m so glad the universe compelled me to highlight that typo that fateful day 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow B, thanks for the shoutout! This made my day! I think I originally found you by clicking on a link on Chape’s blog…but I can’t remember for sure. We’ve indeed had several adventures since then, and there are more to come!

    Also, your renovated chairs look sweet. Does everyone you know call you Rasta?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome Josh, whats a shoutout or two between friends hahaha….

      Funny story everyone I know (and dont know too) calls me Rasta… I think its something about the hair

      Liked by 1 person

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