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Death Note

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My thoughts after binge watching 37 episodes of the anime series Death Note. The series is based on a manga comic written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata

Warning this may contain Spoilers but that’s mostly things you will find out in the first five minutes of the first episode or if you should ever try to find out what the series is about.

If you picked up a notebook titled Death Note and upon opening it discovered the first instruction written in it is:

Death Note Inscription The human whose name is written in this note shall die
The human whose name is written in this note shall die

What would you do, what would you do? I am fairly sure I would be curious and more than a little terrified and just before sending it back to whatever realm improbable realm it came from, I might be tempted to write down maybe a single name and no more but don’t ask me who.

All humans die
All humans will, exception, eventually die

If you are a Game of thrones fan, valar morghulis

Light Yagami a somewhat well-adjusted straight A student, who picks up the Death Note; he reads the first instruction and is naturally skeptical of it but still keeps the book. He witnesses a street gang trying to molest a lady and one of the gang shouts his name, and Light writes down the name in the book and forty seconds later death strikes the gang flees and the lady escapes…..

Light has a strong sense of morality and his father is the police chief, and he easily convinces himself he was meant to find the Death Note and that it’s his duty to rid the world of all evil doers one heart attack at a time. If power corrupts then this certainly goes to his head as he suddenly has designs of creating a new world free of injustice and he will be God of this new world……..

I would have been routing for him had it not been for the little thing that he regards people who try to stop him as people working on the side of the criminals, and these guys are the police, the police are trying to catch him and he kills any who get close enough, but he is still a hard character to hate most of the time I am hoping he gets away with it

It’s a cat and mouse chess game as a special team headed by a quirky genius is tasked to find the criminal killer whom everyone refers to as Kira.

The hero fills like the villain and the villain feels like the hero, nothing is black and white……..

If you are going to watch it, stop on the 24th episode because after that all chill is lost but of course don’t listen to me watch it and then come back and let me tell you I told you so.

Oh yeah and whoever owns a Death Note gets followed around by creepy looking being, A Death God called a Shinigami until you die or forfeit ownership of Death Note, and they may or may not reliably explain or help use the Death Note. To kill someone with the Death Note you need to know their face and real name, which can get quite tricky as you can imagine; the Shinigami can offer you a cool deal Shinigami eyes:

Shinigami eyes
Shinigami eyes

Eyes that let you see as the Shinigami see, you see a person’s Name and Life Span remaining all for the bargain price of  half of your remaining life would you accept that?


PS The movie Death Note is coming to theaters 25 August 2017. I have seen the trailer and there are obvious changes; I have braced myself to be disappointed but who knows…..



  1. Whoa…if I found a book like this my first thought would be to destroy it. But I imagine that’d be no simple task. I’d probably have to go on a quest with eight of my friends to a giant volcano and drop it inside, all while being chased by lunatics wearing black sheets.

    I may or may not have copied that idea exactly from the Lord of the Rings. Maybe.

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    1. Hahaha that makes perfect sense!!!! That sounds like exactly what one would have to with a book of power such as this, it might be the one book that binds us all and rules us all a volcano at the end of the world a perfect quest for the ending of an epic tale of bravery and carrying burdens and completing tasks and pretty much saving the world as we know it…….
      Also the lunatics will try to stop you, they seem to always do that wearing their scary sheets burning torches and making a nuisance of themselves….


      I happen to be a Major LOTR Fan if you did or did not know or suspected so…..^_^

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      1. Haha I had no idea you were a LOTR fan! I used to read those books and watch the movies religiously! An excellent series, and one full of meanings that us ordinary Hobbits can relate to!

        And yes, the lunatics always seem to get in the way. Lots of torch-burning lunatics in the US right now, but these ones aren’t wearing sheets…

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  2. Death note is one of my favorite anime. And believe it or not i watched it when i was a mere 12 years old.
    For me then and now it was what helped me see that not everyone is bad and not everyone is good. This anime, like all the others, taught me about life better than any other means.

    PS. I dont know about the rest but I am pretty sure I will be disappointed with the movie.

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    1. wow… and I just watched last week….. I am super tempted to ask how old you are now hahahaha, 🤔hmmmm I could Google when Death Note was released 😂😂

      I agree that it is quite a deep anime and has lessons that transcend more than just morality embedded within……and good intentions……..

      PS I am still watching the movie.


      1. Funny Story just about to watch the movie will write the review on Sunday while its still fresh in my mind…… and I will spare no quarters ha!


        PS so it started showing Oct 2006 🤔🤔 at most you watched it 11 years ago but could be less 😂😂

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  3. DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE…… i dont watch anime that much, but did enjoy Deathnote.. thanks for the post, makes me wanna watch it again..

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  4. I just watched the first episode of this. what an interesting concept. it is intriguing to see a story where good and bad is not so clear, which is more realistic. but I cannot even begin to imagine how I would use such a power and convince myself of its morality to use on certain people.

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    1. The series really does provide is with a Moral dilemma…….. quick question is there such a thing as a picking a lesser evil???? for the greater good ….


      1. it’s a tough choice to make. people can sacrifice something for themselves for the greater good. but it is complicated to make that choice for another person to harm them and benefit others


    1. hahaha I dont think I had noticed the eyes not closing, good looking out, I particularly like the way he holds a phone like its an infectious object and then says “hello?” like its a question he doesnt want to ask……

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  5. Death Note is definitely a favorite anime of mine but it was only because I was rooting for L to catch Light. At first I thought was Light was doing was justified but the more people he killed because they didn’t agree with his idealisms the more I grew to despise him because he had a horrible God complex. I did enjoy the game of cat and mouse between Light and L and was very disappointed with the new characters Near and Mellow that were brought in. At first I liked Near bit the more times I watched him the more uninterested I became, I really liked mellow and how they showed the underground detective work. Overall I think the anime was awesome I just wished that when it came to replacing L his proteges had more personality like he did.

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    1. Thank you for this insight…… I think I liked L more than Light but Near and Mellow not so much….. I almost wished they didnt catch Light…….. is that wicked of me?


  6. My thoughts on Death note (and I do not mean to anger and crazy Killer Fans) It’s OK. Its not Ponyo or Ouran Host Club good not is it as bad as Yo-kai Watch or Pokemon Indigo League. In my book its about the same level as Digimon or Fairy Tail.

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  7. Great anime but I agree with your suggestion to beware of 25 lol I wish they had taken a different route moving forward from that point. 25 made a huge difference and with that the rest of it couldn’t match up quite the same to the standard and dynamic the show had set from the start.

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    1. Hi Melanie thank you for reading and the comment!!! ♥♥♥
      Yep from the 25th it pretty much goes downhill and you sorta just cant wait for them to end our suffering lol and the way Light so loses his cool, uncool, uncool ha!


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