Of Coffee And Bicycle Rides With Psychos



If you were having coffee with me we would go on a bike ride.


When was the last time you rode a bike? I haven’t ridden a bike in ages, but its true what they say about bicycles, falling off is easy and oh, yeah you never really forget how to fall.
I had forgotten how riding a bike is so exhilarating the wind in your face, locks being blown behind you; man and machine ONE.

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.
~John Howard


Enough of this Sunday stroll…… lets hurt a little, if you were having coffee with me, we going  to go up a steep slope, the further we ride, the heavier the pedals feel and that deep burn you feel in your thighs, its like we doing leg day at the gym, you gotta put in the work. When we finally stop your legs will feel like jelly but its totally worth it. I am fitness junkie you see get fit or die trying. I wish we had that tandem bike and we could ride together how much fun would that be? I promise would pick a route that is mostly downhill.

If you were having coffee with me, we would be having coffee instead the coffee mug would be full of ice cold water on the rocks, after the fun ride in the sun re-hydration is recommended. I am a big fan of the water therapy averaging 8 glasses at the least, you cant really have too much of water unless of course you have waaay too much.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that there is supposedly a test which can show if you are a psycho or not, separating the sheep from the murderous goats as it were by simply answering the following test:

This is a genuine psychological test. It is a story about a girl.
While at the funeral of her own mother, she met a guy whom she did not know.
She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be, that she fell in love with him there and then … A few days later, the girl killed her own sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister?

If you get the answer correct congratulations you think like a psychopathic and should be very careful to not let that crazy show, blend in. I aced this test in case you are wondering and don’t know whether I should be happy or scared about it.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I have successfully managed to teach my twin nephews how to stomp on and kill cockroaches after numerous demonstrations and getting them to not run away from roaches like they are child eating beasts as they were doing earlier. With all the money I am going to save from not having to buy bug spray I am going to buy myself a set of earphones that don’t fall out when I run I need some snug fitting earphones so I can enjoy the simple pleasure of listening to music while I jog.
The best thing about teaching the twins to stomp on cockroaches is that not only are they taking care of my slight infestation problem, the hurricanes of pure energy are burning up excess energy and practically falling asleep on their feet without the usual drama…yey peace and quiet, they look like angels when they sleep.

baby on tiger.jpg
A baby on a tiger


PS have you figured out the answer to the test?

Answer: She was hoping that the guy would appear at the funeral again.

If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in this test and answered it correctly. If you didn’t answer correctly – good for you. Ask your friends to take the test too for awareness …..If your friends hit the jackpot, may I suggest that you keep your distance. (If you got the answer correct, please let me know so I can take you off my friend list…)

PPS on a totally related matter Do not believe everything that you read on the Internet, have an awesome week



  1. You are indeed the engine of the bicycle, ride B ride! And happy to report, I failed that psycho test with flying colours… I thought she killed her to eliminate potential competition when he was around… so, I guess the sociopath box is still open for exploration. Bravo on another fascinating piece, jolly good show. P.S your nephews are Beaut!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks D ^_^
      hahahahaha but that answer though…eliminating competition …. dont sign off on the sanity too quick


  2. Oh how I love bikes! But it’s been long I rode on one 😦 Hmmm, I failed the psycho test but I found it fascinating. It’s always nice having coffee with you, but ice cold water is a lot more refreshing! I totally agree with your PPS. Thanks for sharing B!
    PS: Cute bike. Adorable nephew.

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    1. Bikes rock… but confession I find it a bit scary riding a bike where there are no cycle lanes and you have to ride side by side with cars…. feels sooooo naked what if they swipe you lol.


      PS Yey you are not a psycho ^_^

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  3. This is a post with twists an turns – Was this a real test or not? By the way – I was way off!
    We do believe a lot of what we read on here…
    If you were to ride a tandem you have to trust the guy (or girl) behind you is pushing their weight lol

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    1. The test is real… according to the internet but it comes with no names or refs or research or any solid evidence…. so yeah if i was to put my money on it I would laugh all the way to the psych ward…..
      hahahahha you could just be giving dead weight joy rides on the tandem bike hey

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  4. i didn’t even get to her motivation. The mom in me was too busy telling her that our judgment isn’t at its best when we’re grieving, and maybe a funeral isn’t the best place of time to decide that someone’s amazing, and killing your sister isn’t likely to be conducive to having a relationship anyway…

    On the other hand, as a writer, I can think of at least three ways to dispose of a bothersome body that aren’t likely to leave a lot of evidence…

    So maybe I’m a part-time, fiictional psychopath? =D

    I enjoyed sharing a beverage with you, B, whether it was ice water (I love to chew ice!) or coffee. =D

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    1. hahahahaha thanks for dropping ^_^
      is there an iced coffee recipe??? just thinking out aloud in writing.
      The creative minds of most writers are deeply disturbing places, but then they are the ones who have the best plots ^_^
      PS oooh you are such an empath

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      1. I like sweet coffee. Make it strong, then add ice. Easy-peasy!

        Around these parts, they sell blended iced coffee drinks in summertime. Tasty!

        I don’t find my mind deeply disturbing (but then, I live in it, so what do I know?) I like like to be peaceful and happy – but peaceful and happy don’t make for very intriguing stories, so…..

        PS I considered going into psychology when I was younger, but I tend to feel other people’s pain strongly, and I was sure I’d absorb all the feelings my patients were dealing with…

        So I write. =)

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  5. I was wondering about that question but I never got it right anyhow. How are you my Coffee friend?
    I will have to try and have a Coffee afternoon in your absence, using your ideas would be fun. Hope you had a fine weekend and be nice to the little ones.
    Roach destruction indeed.(I am actually laughing) such a good idea!
    Anyway, not forgotten you and blessings.

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    1. Hi there ^_^
      I am fine thanks hope you doing fine too go right ahead and have a coffee afternoon its fun…. I am always nice to the lil ones except when they are being naughty hahahhaha

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  6. I am not a psycho because I failed this test. Interesting article as usual. I fell off a bike years ago (still have the scars to prove it) but never managed to get back on, I prefer to have both my feet on the ground.

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  7. 1) I cannot ride a bicycle, I’m fine with a tricycle.

    2) I failed the psycho test, I did not even think of that particular creepy answer, I thought she killed her sister because she tried to seduce the dream guy.

    3) I am frightened of cockroaches, I still believe they are child eating beasts. Lol

    4) Baby sleeping on a tiger, is soooooo cute. 🙂


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