Of Coffee moonlit nights and regrets


If you were having coffee with me we would be having a cup of coffee hotter than the winter sun. It is winter this side of the world. You can have hot chocolate if you prefer.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you saw the full moon last night, I did, I always circle the calendar on the days that have moonlit nights, I feel an urge to howl at the moon if this were a moon howling world.


If you did not know it by now I love the moon …..It looks like a diamond on the black velvet of night.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you I submitted an article for possible consideration as a columnist for some online publication and I spent weeks anxiously waiting for a response, the details stated that only short-listed candidates would be contacted. Don’t you just hate it when they do that? How long must you wait before you decide you were not shortlisted, I think it’s just cruel and unusual torture, how hard is it to have an email template you can copy paste all unfortunate candidates put them out of their misery. I hope they make loads of money from all the money they save by sending emails to only short-listed candidates.

Sometime during the past week, while checking my email I found I had been a short-listed candidate and received the second half of instructions. They wanted to know my twitter handle, the horror *ghostie emoji*

Imagine a potential employer having a look at your Twitter Timeline and you desperately trying to remember if you tweeted anything that’s Not Suitable For Work. I had half a mind to start a new twitter profile for business and people I do not like, people whom I have to tell I don’t do twitter *Poker face emoji* but apparently they (employers) consider your follower count to see your potential reach or influence. They also wanted me to write an imaginary review about an imaginary startup company which I would pull out of my imagination and also highlight why this company would consequently fail, I was definitely out of my depth, and these guys were out for blood. Bye Bye Boss.

Imagine my surprise when I was called in for an interview. It was going great until they said that they would pay me with exposure. Does one eat exposure? And it turns out I have far more twitter followers than they isn’t that ironic… oh how much more exposure would I benefit from them, its exploitation that’s what it is, say NO to slavery. Writers gotta eat too. I guess they didn’t take my response all too kindly because………..

If you having coffee with me or hot chocolate or whatever rocks your boat, its water that rocks boats by the way, I would ask you, your thoughts on regret letters, you know the ones you get from potential employers saying we regret to inform you will not be joining our organization or publishing your manuscript. I think they should state that either in the ref or first line of the email so you do no waste time finishing reading it. Sugar coating it telling by telling you what an awesome candidate you were and how they were thrilled you were interested in joining their company or publication services *blah* *blah* *blah* but then hidden somewhere in the last line almost like a forgotten Post Script oh yeah by the way we regret to say……. *Sigh*

If you were having with me, I would tell you, I recently had an epiphany, on three things.

  • Number 1 is that I have really brilliant ideas in my head, about life the universe and everything and my writing.
  • Number 2 is I really need to remember to write in my journal or something to capture all these thoughts so I can get back to them and polish them up for all they are worth.
  • Number 3…. I don’t remember but that brings me back to number 2

If you were having coffee with me I would say thank you for the visit how has your past week been, whats good whats really good, whats really really good. Here is to a brilliant new week.

If you were having coffee with me I would show you this picture of my niece, A baby on a motor bike Vroom vroom.





  1. I think you did great, I hear a lot of people say they will pay with exposure and often that doesn’t materialise. Its a big con where they think they can get something for nothing or very little.

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      1. Well yes, that’s a poor excuse from them. Again they’re taking advantage, I hear this a lot from bloggers at various times. I have to say that I would do the same thing. I do like to write, but I also like to have money in my pocket and I’m not a complete mug! lol
        If they said they would publish a book or something in exchange, that would be ok, becasue there is something of value being given, but not just twitter followers.

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      2. It would be, becasue at the end o fthe day a book deal has monetry value.
        Is it the same price that’s on your head? haha!


  2. I have been getting a ton of those regret emails lately! They are real bummers but sometimes I have even forgotten having applied for the said job they regret me not getting 😂

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    1. my trash folder is full of regrets *Sigh* maybe its the season lol
      but hey the show must go on…..
      I know right!!!! the thing about getting them for something you long since forgot you applied for a total buzz kill !!!!
      Thanks for dropping by

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  3. Sugar coated regrets. Like giving someone with a nut allergy peanut m&m’s? I hope it doesn’t kill you. I’m struggling with the idea of paying my (self) publisher thousands of dollars to market a book they stand to make more money from than I would. Write on. Thank you for freely sharing your coffee thoughts. Grounds for something… I hope something develops from this exposure. Picture this. It’s priceless, but it would be nice to help pay some bills. AND a muse.


  4. I also received a regret that… letter in the mail. First I was flying then i wasn’t. The excitement I had when I received that letter and the overwhelming disappointment i felt after reading it was a roller coaster ride 😦

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  5. If I was having coffee with you, I would tell you how much I love having coffee with you.
    I would tell you that whoever thinks your kind of creativity shouldnt be financially rewarded clearly has terrible taste in coffee
    I would also tell you that I agree with your epiphanies and no. 2 is a shared one.
    I would also tell you that your niece is a rock star on that bike…

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  6. Waiting is the worst! My wait is over as I’ve gotten a job, with a decent salary. YAY! And yes, WRITERS should NEVER write for free! Ever! You do have good thoughts. Write ’em down. Need me to send you a notebook? I will! ~Tara


  7. Sounds like somebody might get some wonderful ideas from the other folks imaginary businesses and the reason they might fail. They can just try it out with a twist to correct the imaginary failure. What cheaters! Enjoy the way you write.


  8. I am sorry that things didn’t work out with your story but you know that saying “When a door closes, somewhere a window is open.” Here’s hoping you find your window!😊 We are well into Spring here and I am so over cold weather that I am glad we are only having “virtual” coffee because if it were real, I would insist we meet at my place! Enjoy the rest of your week and by the way, your niece rocks that motorcycle!!


  9. It’s been long since I read you my dear friend, apologies tight schedules. You’ve made me laugh so much in this post, even though you’re addressing serious concerns. 😀
    I fully agree with you, it would be lovely get an email or acknowledgement than to wait indefinitely. Even if it means “template you can copy paste all unfortunate candidates put them out of their misery” With regards to exposure, I’d rather be full than exposed. 🙂
    All best, and enjoy the winter. ♥

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    1. Hi Khaya
      Thanks for the visit…. you are welcome for the laughs hey I rather like to laugh hahahaha….
      I’d enjoy the winter if it snowed then I could build a snowman whoop whoop, but it doesnt snow….oh well build a snowman from the ice cubes in the fridge it will look somewhat like an angular robot transformer but who is judging

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  10. I’ll right away grasp your rss feed as I can not find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter
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  11. This turned out to be the best coffee date I’ve had! I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Twas so real, I could touch it. Love it! And hey, we win some, we lose some.In this case, they lost you. I look forward to the next ‘coffee’ date even though I prefer hot chocolate! 😉
    PS: your niece on a bike, pretty dope!

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