Of The Blue Orchid

Genre: Romance ๐ŸŒน
“A penny for your thoughts.”
“Yes, I was just thinking of you, as a flower.”
“A flower? Pray tell, what sort of flower do you picture me as?”
“An Orchid.”
“Orchids are so common!” she said, making a face at him “and I thought you were a weaver of words.”
“What would you have a weaver of words say?”
“Well, if that man was you, weave, words. You tell me that I am the only flower in your garden, you tell me, you are my sun.”
“You are the only flower in garden” he said, struggling to keep a straight face.
“I will punch you in the throat you, you, you parrot you.”
“I was only kidding.” he laughed reaching out for her hand. “They are really exquisite flowers, there is an orchid, for almost every hue of the rainbow. From the regal and calm purple; to the passionate and wild red, and you, you my dear are The Blue Orchid, rarest of them all.ย  You bloom, but only for me.
Lastly he added “I am you know, your sun.
“Come here, my weaver of words, I change my mind, I love orchids, especially the blue ones, I love blue, you know that, of course you do. I could kiss your mind but I think that would scramble your brains, besides I don’t think brains taste nice, unless…
She fell silent, when she saw that, as if by magic, from the sleeves of his jacket, he had conjured a blue orchid which he now held in front of her, as a knight would a sword, to his queen. Just as she was about to accept it, she noticed the gold band round the stem, with a sparkling stone set inside.
“Will you__” he begun
Shouldn’t you be kneeling?
Kneeling, he reached for her hand “Will you___”
Wrong hand
He held her other hand. “Will you__”
He is like clay, damp clay, she thought to herself, a woman who knew what she was doing, which she did, could mould him, she thoroughly and completely owned him and she in turn belonged to him or was it the other way round, well there would be lifetime to find out.
~~ The end

My entry this week for the #blogbattle the theme was orchid ๐ŸŒบ suddenly I love me some orchids my next pet will be an orchidย  ^_^




  1. I am new to you and your blog, but appreciate a good piece of writing when |I see one!
    I enjoyed reading about the “blue Orchid”!
    Best wishes.


    1. Thank you ^_^
      I am ever so glad you stopped by and read me, and even more so that you appreciate and enjoyed reading this ^_^

      Many thanks, I am flattered


      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s always a pleasure stopping by your place B. =D Come to think of it I keep meaning to mention that I’m gonna need your autograph so when you become rich and famous. (uh-oh there I go again assuming that you’re not already rich and famous – are you???). At any rate being able to say and prove “I know him” might someday score me some points.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hahahaha you are a riot ^_^ one autograph coming up.
        I am not famous…(Not Yet but those points are going to be woth it someday whoop whoop)

        Liked by 1 person

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