Of invisible friends

Friend Unseen
It’s strange to have a friend
that you have never hugged
lightly touched their arm
or looked into their eyes.
But you have touched their soul
felt their heart
been embraced by
the warmth of their being.
A friend unseen
is not a friend untouched.
The eyes of the soul will gaze
the heart will embrace
the image will stand tall
but only in a dream..


  1. Hectic.
    Thinking, have I experienced the same? No, not a friend. A man on a dating site.

    No wait, back when I was on Facebook, I met someone I will never forget. Muna. My Muna. Everyone of us felt like he was ours. Drew no boundaries in age, gender, race, ethnicity when he made friends online and in real life.

    My FB wall often evoked passionate intellectual disagreements about the principles of life. I suspect my friends looked forward to the next fight with my other friends they’d never met. It became peaceful after a few years when they became used to each other’s views and agreed to disagree. I guess I was also the instigator for supporting the weaker arguments.

    One day Muna showed up on my wall. Instead of showing the different sides they all had limited perspectives, he would arrive with a proposal that wrecked their brains, solutions from a parallel universe. I never got to meet him face to face. He invited me to have a vegan meal at his home in Cape Town. I went to Cape Town several times but never called him. Each time I was in a rush.

    I left Facebook, so we emailed each other. The last email was January this year when he told me he prefers his body to be eaten by vultures or fed to sharks as it is less toxic than cremation (my preference at the time).

    When Madhukar Lakhani passed away on 19 May 2019 at 61 years, I cried for a friend Unseen.

    So, your post is Hectic. And Relatable.

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    1. …in hindsight re-reading this post, I dont think I had even fully come to appreciate unseen friends and the loss of those who would simply fade away, unseen but not unremembered, forever wondering if they still out there and if on some days they would remember the laughs and arguments, if they were even still alive persuing those grand dreams…..

      wait…. has your preference changed from cremation yet?

      And life it goes on


      PS how did you end up six years into my blog though hahaha this is me just after I moved my musings from simply being facebook posts to…. this *gestures expansively*


      1. How did I end up here? The wind Beaton, the wind..

            Your latest post:

            shows another post as related:

            I didn’t read the bubbles you decorated with the shape of a heart, I noticed Shuvai Mlilo who comments regularly now was commenting on your blogs in 2016. I wondered who in the current comment section was there in October 2013. I selected 2013. Didn’t get far, there were no comments.

            There were only 2 posts in Oct 2013. Read your daydreaming fantasy of a wet girl in the rain. Before my brain visualised her nipples through her second skin I quickly moved to November 2013.

        That is how I ended up here.

        ” dont think I had even fully come to appreciate unseen friends” Oh I think you underestimate the younger B. I noticed the first post was a musing for a time he could recall mandane information without relying on a cellphone. The wiser B has accepted his reliance and codependence on technology together with the flaws that come with it (referring to your tendency to write blogs on the laptop than on a physical paper which would reduce the grammatic errors on your blog as I suspect you changed your mind while writing the post online as opposed to typing out whats on paper which is faster i.e. typos and missing words). I suspect the younger B was stricter about these minor errors. I suspect younger B knew what he was talking about when he wrote this post in 2013.

        To beat Muna’s better method of exiting this world, I changed from tissue and organ donation followed by cremation to donating my carcass to a university for medical studies even though it will be used only for 2-3 years before being cremated.

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      2. hahahaha I am pretty sure I pointedly did not point that out in walking in the rain fantasy.

        There werent many people in 2013 and I mostly kept the site to myself, most views to there are from more recently than from then

        Hahaha you now what, you are absolutely, …an analogue man in a digital world
        I never really thought about what happens to cadavers after all those dissections, if they got buried cremated or liquifeid in a vat acid and on to the next one



      3. PPS. ignore the first part. I misunderstood “how did you end up six years into my blog” as “How did I end up here”. HAHA, The answer is interesting. The wind B, the wind!

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