musings of insomniacs

I am from
my comfortable duvet and
climbing out of my bed,

I am from my alarm going off and puting a pillow on my head to get a few more sleeps,

I am from looking for a midnite snack and the beeping of the microwave in a silent house waking up everyone else,

From playing in the
bathtub and blowing soap bubbles,

I am from walking my dog,
and the noise he makes when I step
on his tail.

I am from my energy saver florescent nightlight, and not opening my curtains during the day coz the light hurts my eyes,

I am from fantasizing that I am a night creature, a vampire or fairytale prince and wondering if i shall kiss to wake a sleeping beauty,

I am from Sponge Bob Square Pants and the
Bikini Bottom folk.

I am from spinning round and round until
I can’t tell where I am
Seeing the world upside-down.

I am from long days at school
and hurrying home to watch
and even longer nites studying.

I am from a school trip and standing up in front of the whole school during assembly to report back,

I am from sneaking trips to Guavaland,
and wishing i hadnt,

From roasted peanuts at
grandma’s house,
and telling stories under a full moon,

I am from summer days in the pool and winter days sitting by the fireplace,

I am from playing on the lawn And running through the sprinklers.

From my imaginary friends and
the games we used to play .

I am from trips to the mall,
and pretending to be a celebrity,

I am from talking along to my favorite movie scenes
,And that one time I fell off a tricycle and scarred my knee .

I am from feeling slightly sad after closing the last page of a good book,
and looking for something else to read hoping it will be as intriguing,

I am from the one, two , kick and up
of my feet,
steps that one time
that I decided to ballroom dance.
And the partner whose toes I stepped on.

I am from a Bee sting with that bloated swollen look that comes with it,
and keeping indoors till the swelling lessens,

I am from being afraid to sleep in the dark after watching a scary movie and the sleepless nites fearing nightmares,

I am from scared shrekless,
and craving gingerbread confections

I am from conversations with Joiè and smiling for no reason,

I am from laughing till my stomach aches like i been doing crunches and tickling you till you breathless,

I am from rereading all the messages in my phone and in my mind i hear your voice speak the words,

I am from cooking interesting meals and not following any recipe and then not remembering how i got it that way each trial a deliteful surprise,

I am from trying new things,
and not letting go of the old,

I am from sessions at the gym,
and the sore muscles it comes with,

I am from rainy days
and counting lightning flashes,

from Saturday morning cartoon tales from the crypt keeper and jelly tots with kellogs cereal

I am from walks on the lakeside, collecting colored rocks,
and my footprints in the sand ,

I am from not wanting to go home when school is out,
And not wanting to go to school after

I am from changing the channel when the back to school commercials air on tv,
and wishing I could pause or rewind time even fastforward some moments.

I am from killing chickens and stuffing and dressing them,

I am from going for hikes and getting lost in a veld fire,

I am from toy guns and glass shoes,

From playing with my siblings,
and pretending to be all grown up.

I am from getting drunk the first time and not remembering what happened or how I got home

I am from books and flashlights

from pens and paper and all the letters i wrote and didnt send.

From silence to screaming.

I am from tears on my pillow
And unanswered cries.

I am from missing you and wondering if you miss me too,

From holding your hand
And that look in your eyes.

I am from the past
and the present

I am from memories of the future and visions of the past

I am from hard work and
Harder play.

And I am ,
from writing down
On a sleepless nite.


  1. Hmm. You are taking me down memory lane….Flashlights— books—-Reading under bedcovers till daybreak.
    Writing down thoughts on sleepless nights.
    Pretending to be sleeping beauty waiting in anticipation. ( the beast never came. Am still waiting)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always been a nocturnal animal. Awake while the world sleeps…

      Hmm. Sounds like someone should have kissed a frog 🐸 or two and turned them into princes


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