Of Coffee With Pinch Of Salt

If you were having coffee with me, I would welcome you to my socially distanced part of the internet… I would fist bump you, it makes everyone instantly cool people as we say in the street lingo “Big up

Hello July

If you joined last week I talked about taking coffee with a pinch of salt… At the time I thought it was an odd idea, but I later looked it up on the internet and its actually a thing.. People add salt to their sugar, apparently, it’s something about how our taste buds work, that the salt activates the salty receptors and bitter coffee becomes less bitter.. I haven’t tried it yet, if I do you will hear about it… or never who knows… I never sip and tell

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about some other fun things you can do with salt…. Like for example take it with tequila ha! or  Hmmmm If you had a problem with lest say, mosquitoes, you can set up the trap below:

Tequila Mosquito


So a mosquito will think that salt is sugar, apparently, those bloodsuckers find sugars irresistible. When the mosquito licks the salt, it will be like, “Oh no! It’s so salty let me drink the water…” But plot twist, it is not water, it’s alcohol, could be tequila or a cheap illicit brew that can knock out a human after 20 paces. The mosquito staggers from intoxication; stumbles, trips on the stick, falls down and bangs its head on the brick… Dead Mosquito. You are welcome.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell how you see taking a pinch of salt can be potentially lethal, lets not even go into how it’s responsible for high blood pressure and such… But again you still have to take everything with a pinch of salt, figuratively speaking that is… meaning don’t believe everything you hear or read especially on the internet..

Like on the Twitter Streets awhile back the relationship Olympics got the bar raised when a lay posted the Girl Friend allowance she was getting and it was a couple thousand. I bet some relationships ended with people trying to keep up with standards.. Fast forward to a few months down the line it turns out that well the money wasn’t girlfriend allowance, lets just say she was a facilitator in the acquisition of certain things you see… Point is people will bend themselves backwards for clout or to chase after imaginary standards…

On the other hand, a businessman who seems to have been highly successful has a report out by the Sentry which shows how using all sorts of subterfuge and off-shore companies has allegedly been enjoying the patronage of being a politically exposed person to loot the country… You can check out the report and put your own pinch of salt

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the official fares for public transport ZUPCO has gone up in some cases doubling…

 Funny enough some of the fares cost more than it would, if you used pirate taxis or got lifts, and people have been low key boycotting the ZUPCOs and they have been spotted travelling empty…

Meanwhile the government is on a blitz to stop the illegal ferrying of passengers by undesignated vehicles, i.e. pirate taxis and the like… I wanted to go into town today but I decided to post pone it and see what the new week brings, there’s been all sorts of chaos with the new lockdown conditions and curfew times as people rush to get home and now throuw in transport blues

About 10 000+ people have been arrested in the past week for violating the COVID regulations since July begun… I always find it odd that they mobilise more resources into arresting people than lets say decongesting the public transport industry or even the vaccination drive…

When vaccination was introduced it was said to be voluntary but well, pinch of salt, there’s talks about how all civil servants must be vaccinated, how everybody must be vaccinated, although for now the vaccination still remains voluntary but I can foresee a time when having the vaccination card is going to be worth its weight in gold… I still haven’t gotten my jab yet, its always running out and the queues are growing long and winding…

I finished my WinterABC challenge and managed to write a blog post every day in June woo hoo, thank you everyone who stopped by.

And of course the most outstanding blogger was recognised for their efforts through a peer nomination process and congratulations to Elise Tirza who writes at LettersFromThisHeart.com

So whats been going on in your neck of the woods




  1. It defeats the whole purpose of social distancing when people are going to be crowding like this waiting for transport 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    1. I think about this all the time, like how they will force you to stand in a socially distanced line to queue for transport but inside the actual bus or combi, well maybe the virus is respectful and only spreads in queues and after curfew and those at funerals but never inside a ZUPCO bus…
      I still think about a joke someone made when someone mentioned they couldn’t have their wedding because of gathering ban and someone suggested they do it inside a ZUPCO Bus you can pack a 100 passengers into there 😅


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  2. Hey Beaton!
    Nice to see you again! Congratulations on posting every day in June! I’m trying that for July! Wish me luck! Have a great week 🌺🌹🌺

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    1. Oh all the best in July will try and stop by, but as you can see by my response to your comment over a week later after my posting binge kinda easying up on the screen time 🤣
      Thank you for visiting
      Have an awesome week
      And all the best

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      1. I already blew it! We had company over the weekend. My college friend came for a long overdue visit. So now I haven’t posted in many days… Oh well… Maybe in November with the cheerpepper challenge!

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  3. That’s great you posted every day in June! It’s all I can do once or twice a week and lately I’ve been slacking. 🤣 Interesting about the salt in coffee, I didn’t know that was a thing but I can see how that could help the bitter flavor! I hope and pray things get better there for y’all. I’ve been vaccinated, my whole family is and I know people here that won’t get the vaccine. But I agree, it will turn into a show me your vaccinated card I think for future things, like traveling out of country. Hope you have a good week! 😎🐴🤩

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    1. It’s become an annual tradition 3rd time running, to post every year in June 🤣

      Might get bored and add some salt to this new coffee I’m trying just to see how the flavour changes me thinkest I should become a coffee connoisseur but not this highbrow ones who hold their pinkie finger out daintily while sipping… Wait that’s for tea 🤣🤣🤣
      Still haha
      I’m good thank you for the visit

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  4. A pinch of salt in the coffee?? I’ve heard some people do put salt in the coffee, that’s very odd. I don’t think I’ll try that out😆😆😆
    You posted 31days in a row…wiwoww uncleB. You lead by example.👏👏👏
    Kudos to you


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