Of Ghosting

What kind of world…. Even the thieves are getting creative in their Modus Operandi.

Police in Zimbabwe apprehended a suspected burglar who would dress up as a “ghost” to frighten away his victims.

man who dresses up in ghost suit to rob people

The 27 year old clad in a Halloween ghost suit would scare people away and then help himself to their belongings.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest to Newsday Newspaper saying that the investigations are still under way.

arrested ghost thief

“He stole a ladder at a certain homestead, then in another incident, he locked the door from outside while trying to steal solar panels, but the owner of the house broke the door and ran after him and he was caught,” Nyathi said.

Sometimes I ask myself leads what leads one down the path of a life of crime, is it because from watching the entrepreneurs and hustlers: we learn how no one gets rich from standing around with their hands in their pocket but rather by dipping their hands into other people’s pockets….




    1. I am here thinking why not ghosting… If you woke up and so a ghost in your house what would your first instinct be? Mine would be to run away from said house and let the ghost have it, it is its house now lol

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    1. It was a genius movie really, preying on people’s superstitions because they would be less inclined to retaliate at what they would presume to be an avenging spirit and leave the burglar to burgle in peace.



      1. right, but there only so many naive people. Being that he picked someone that wasn’t and was chased and caught…Not too genius lol Had he just waited for people to not be around he’d probably be at his game longer.

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