Of Food For Thought: A Taste of Zimbabwe in the Lehigh Valley

A guest post by Matt Snyder

Food For Thought: A Taste of Zimbabwe in the Lehigh Valley

This isn’t the first time I’ve tasted a bit of Africa. A friend of mine married a woman who was half Jamaican/Ethiopian. So, I tried a bit of Ethiopian food at their wedding.

I decided to try this new restaurant a town over from me called Braai Hut. Essentially a Zimbabwean BBQ joint. I swore there was another African restaurant near me, but they may have closed during the Pandemic. 

I decided not to be too adventurous in my choices for the dive in. I chose 1/2 Peri Peri Chicken. The mild version, which was actually quite spicy was Ok for me but caused my wife indigestion. I will definitely try medium. But I can’t imagine what the hell hot or extra hot tastes like LoL. The chicken was grilled to perfection and was quite juicy.

Also had a side of sweet potato fries. Freshly cut and not over fried or greasy. I had wanted to try their version of coleslaw with grapes and apples, but they were out. We also had the chakalaka beans which also had a subtle spicy kick but were damn tasty. 

Ending with the incredibly bland (I added some I can’t believe it’s not butter and Adobo seasoning) traditional Sadza. 

Matt’s Food

So definitely not the most traditional of meals of the country. Definitely aiming to please the American crowd. But, for what it was. It was some damn good BBQ.

I definitely want to try some of the other dishes offered as well as eating in the restaurant itself. This was a delivery order.

About the author

Matt Snyder

Artist/Foodie/Digital Archivist

Can be found blogging at aprolificpotpourri.Art And podcasting National and International Authors at Short Story Saturday on 

I know Matt from the blogging world and have collaborated with him on his animal comic series Blue Turtle Comix: Wish Upon A Star

Today, 25 May being Africa Day I wanted to showcase that between the lines the digital world transcends boundaries and borders even. Matt graciously offered to share his review of Zimbabwean cuisine after trying out the Braai Hut. I recall he asked me if there’s anything I recommend on the menu, well, I said whatever else you try you definitely have to have the Sadza.

And yes I agree, its perfectly, weirdly, absolutely ….bland. I sometimes wonder why our ancestors did not fixate on a tastier staple food such as I don’t knowpizza? Besides it has low nutritional value and not even indigenous to Africa.. Check out this post from my archive: Sadza Over A Cup Of Coffee

Braai Hut

Braai Hut is the first Zimbabwean restaurant in the heart of Historic Downtown Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. Sibu Mafundikwa who grew up in Zimbabwe opened the restaurant with the help of her family during the coronavirus pandemic and you can imagine each day is not without its adventures…

Braai Hut Bethlehem Pennyslavania http://www.braaihutpa.com

Braai Hut

Happy Africa Day




    1. Thank you, on this side of the world everyday in Africa is Africa Day 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      I love a good BBQ but yeah the price of meat is getting a lil beefy 😜

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  1. You are who Matt collaborates with on the drawings? Those were cool!
    The food looks very American 😀 I understand that restaurants are trying to please their customers by adjusting their meals (best example – Chinese in the US is mostly not really all that Chinese), but it makes me slightly uncomfortable. You go there to try something different. You either like it or not. I tried Ethiopian food, which was authentic (confirmed place by an Ethiopian friend) but I wasn’t a fan. It wasn’t bad, just not my style. But, I was glad to have tried it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am just one of the people who has had the pleasure, a couple of other people participate in the drawings 😁

      I suppose it’s a bit risky trying to figure out if what you serve will appeal to the market, trying to seem distinct yet not too distinct lol then end up being neither here nor there.

      Here’s to trying new experiences 🥂

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