Of Coffee With Bones

If you were having coffee with me I would as always be happy to have you join along, put your feet up whats been going on?

I am feeling a bit cheated, I recently realized that one of the first songs I could rap along to word for word, Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio from back in 1995  was not only composed by Stevie Wonder but strongly sampled Stevie Wonder’s 1976 hit Pastime Paradise. I mean if it was a class assignment and put through TurnItIn to check for originality it would fail.


And to imagine I grew up giving lyrical prowess props to Coolio cause of the Gangster’s Paradise Song. I even bought a magazine with the lyrics so I could learn them and be the cool kid doing the rap while the others kept the tempo by banging on the desk. How times have changed people just Google and *boom* everybody knows the words….

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how we now live in a world of information overload and it’s weird that it’s the not so factual stuff that spreads like a veld fire before the truth. Last week it was confirmed by postmortem that a COVID fatality in Kwekwe had the B1617.2 strain first identified in India. The news was spreading like veld fire that another lockdown was looming and then that it was only a localized one for Kwekwe and then conflicting reports on exactly whats going till the government officially announced a two week localised lockdown for Kwekwe district

Kwekwe lockdown
Kwekwe Lockdown

During a chat with a cousin who lives in Kwekwe, I was asking what was happening on the ground and they were like we are even reading this on social media, just like you, that this is what’s happening. Even expressed a bit of shock their small town would be subject to a lockdown as if it had an airport in it for someone to come to India from… “Touche” I said at the point they had made.

Now every time I cough I am looking at myself suspiciously like hmmmm it better just be a common cold… Then I begin to morbidly wonder if the world would even miss me, a few words spoken over a hole in the ground and hands throwing dust to dust and into the hole ye goes… Once upon a time, I read something along the lines of how the weight of a tombstone shows what a dead person’s relatives really think of them….

The logic is that a heavy tombstone is to make sure the dead cannot rise out from the grave you see… Rest In Peace.. no Zombie stuff…

Zombie stuff

I was just thinking about how at the funeral of former president Robert Mugabe, concrete was poured into his grave, like someone really wanted to make sure, he did not come back… And some are trying to dig him right back…

If you haven’t checked out a previous article on Coffee With The Scepter Spectacle…. Because Robert Mugabe’s widow Grace has been served a judgement from the traditional court of Zvimba Chief Stanley Mhondoro, fining Grace, 5 cows and a goat, and ordering her to exhume and rebury the former president at Heroes Acre in Harare by July 1, 2021.

Meanwhile Grace Mugabe who did not attend the traditional attend court has been in Singapore for more than a year and is not expected to return soon… well, what weird times we live right.

If you were having coffee with I would tell you that its time to unveil the statue of Mbuya Nehanda’s grand erection… I may have snorted out my coffee when I thought that, I wonder if Mbuya Nehanda forecasted this is how her bones would rise…

Mbuya nehanda statue
Mbuya Nehanda Statue Photo Credit: Nicole Kurebwaseka

Oh back to the living and I met a couple of bloggers and got a couple of photos taken, its always fun and inspiring remembering that there a real people behind those user names and blogs and putting voices to faces and names…

can you spot me?

But of course next weekend am waiting for the Afrobloggers Virtual May Meetup as we say goodbye to month in whats become a tradition in the blogging community.

So whats been going on in your neck of the woods ?




  1. Then I begin to morbidly wonder if the world would even miss me,

    Hey you, you ain’t dying now. I can not handle the pain of missing you… If only spending a couple of days without heaeing from you bothers me

    Anyway, here in Uganda, the 11th Parliament of Uganda voted for their speaker and it was rather an interesting event filled with lots of competition and drama…
    There are a few cases of COVID-19 too but hoping they shall reduce with time…

    Personally, in my world… It has been a marathon of celebrations. I vowed to celebrate my birthday the whole month and God has allowed me too…

    And yes, your bloggers meet was wow, i love the photograph and i look to our monthly Afrobloggers virtual meet…

    Thanks for writing always, i always look forward to reading from you

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    1. Counting down the days to the next meet-up as I hope everything works out as it should 🤣🤣

      A whole month of celebration yes!!! You are precious 🥂

      Thank you for visiting


  2. Hey Beaton.
    Song lyrics are in a class of energy potential all their own; part ballad, part poem, part DNA changing radiation and part narcotic. They work their weirdness almost without our notice while we sing and dance to their chorus hopefully while the girl of our dreams is being tightly held in our arms and taking this trip with us, her hair loose and flying free. Then if the lyrics also rhyme– somehow you’re suddenly in love without having taken time to learn her name.

    Oh – I’d miss ya, but prefer not to.
    . . . Just so we’re clear okay?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha Gary Gary Gary!!! Spot on summation of the song lyrics 🤔🤣 music transcends names and language

      Haha I’d miss me too😂 and yep we clear

      Thank you for dropping by



  3. So I get a notification, ……Of coffee with Bones….. Wait what?! As in MOUTH-WATERING BLACK GOODNESS with like SOFT MUSHY BONE MARROW?!
    Until I opened to peruse through only to find tombstones and what not, plus asking the obvious; if you will be missed. Like DUHHHHH!

    Anyways, from Ug, I guess Justine has said it all, except for the part that I fell off my bike yesterday 😅 . Not public news now but will be in a couple of weeks, in my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha by now you should know that the titles are never what they seem even when they are🤣

      You what now???? You okay though, clearly, otherwise wouldn’t be here right.. We shall await the lugambo on the blog 🤣


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  4. Oh goodness gracious, you would be missed terribly and I’m sure, no, I know I’m not alone with that sentiment!!! Holy smokes, this darn virus is taking too many and is affecting ye brain! 😬

    I’m sending positive vibes your way!! Stay strong, we can make it and stay safe as you can! 👍🥰

    I didn’t know that about Coolio and Gangster Paradise as I know it well and remember it right now in my head. Great music although I don’t know the lyrics by heart. Interesting Stevie Wonder wrote it and all that you shared.

    Praying for those in Kwekwe, and all over the world that are still affected. Don’t get too gloomy, and I spot you in the photo! I’m glad you got to be together, that should be uplifting!! Bloggers unite!

    You know what I’ve been up to lately! Lol ~ Horse crazy gal, ~D ❤️🐴❤️

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    1. Living in a pandemic really messes with the brain the whole world is going to need mass counselling really

      Meeting fellow bloggers was uplifting and I was thinking why don’t we do this more of this… Oh the darn pandemic 🙄

      I can still sing it, once won a prize on karaoke night way back when people still went out 🎉🎊

      Oh how is Murph doing by the by? 🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’m thinking there may be a need for mass counseling with this darn pandemic. 😲 And thanks for asking about Murph!! He’s settlng in really well, and is so calm and sweet. Since he’s only 3 yrs old I am in no rush with training him. One day at a time & having FUN! ❤️🐴

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  5. Come to India too.. please . It will be pleasure for us to show you our country and do friendship with you and get interact with each other

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