Of Coffee With The Sceptre, Specter, Spectatcle

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you visited my corner of the internet, make yourself at home, put your feet up while I figure out where to even begin….

Bulawayo – Nkayi Road Now only a handshake wide Image credit: Eng Brian Makoyi

Good thing you can get here in one piece, at the click of a button otherwise you would be asking me how one navigates through the traffic jungle and we wont even talk about the potholes…

Harare Morning Traffic Zimabbwe
Harare Traffic in the morning – Image Credit: Lovejoy Mtongwiza

Harare Evening Traffic Zimbabwe
Harare Traffic in the evening image credit: Lovejoy Mtongwiza

Well the traffic is crazy, some say its because people are buying a lot of cars, others say it’s the roads and others say its because after lockdown got eased well people have travelling to catch up to, places to be, going there slowly stuck in a jam. What do the officials say? They say its because fuel is readily available…. Wait what?

cabinet blames fuel availability for traffic jam

I know its wild… but you know whats even wilder, our former first lady Grace Mugabe once made the sensational claim that Mugabe would rule from the grave; “We want you to lead this country from your grave, while you lie at the National Heroes’ Acre,” She had previously suggested that she would push her then 92-year-old husband to work in a wheelbarrow if she had to… When he eventually died I wrote an article Asante Sana Goodnight Mr President on my disbelief at the death of a man I felt to be almost immortal… Well it seems his specter is not quite done with us, you turn on the internet and still find him trending.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that there was drama in Mugabe’s death which ended up in him not being buried at the National Heroes’ Acre but instead at his homestead, with a grave filled with concrete and a tamper-proof seal… Now it seems there are moves to exhume his body and re-bury properly. The former first lady had summons delivered to her house claiming to be from a traditional chief that she, Grace, committed a crime in burying the late leader without following protocol.

Word on the street is that when Mugabe died he did not pass on the sceptre or walking stick to a successor which allowed one to govern the land. The stick is said to have the blessings of ancestors, spirit mediums and traditional medicine men, giving one the wisdom and strength to rule.

Mugabe consulting with traditional leaders
Mugabe consulting with traditional leaders before independence source: Nehanda Radio

So as no one was bequeathed the stick; this is why the country is facing so many challenges and to properly lead that country one needs, all the help they can get. So apparently some suggest that under the guise of reburying him, there are those who would want to secure for themselves, the walking stick which Mugabe was allegedly buried with…. I guess man be ruling from the grave….

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you about the commissioning of Kazungula bridge which links Botswana and Zamibia (I once wrote about it… coffee with Kazungula) and curves Zimbabwe…

kazungula bridge plans

Turns out according to media reports what happened was when the bridge project was initiated in 2001 it would pass through Zimbabwean territory but years later Mugabe went into a sulk at the opinions and positions of Zambia’s late former President Levy Mwanawasa and Botswana’s Ian Khama on Zimbabwe with the former calling it a sinking ship in 2007 and the later condemning human rights abuses in Zimbabwe during the 2008 elections.

Consequently the bridge plan would eventually be altered to avoid cutting through Zimbabwean territory. At the official opening of the Kazungula Bridge our government had a bit of a diplomatic embarrassment as they tried to convey the impression that they had been on board the project. Behind the scenes I can imagine heated diplomatic talks with others saying your government refused to cooperate and the other saying but it wasn’t me…. I guess Mugabe did it again.

botswana zambia and a 3rd unnamed country discussing ownership of a certain bridge
Internet Meme

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about how our, as yet former Chief Justice had a most eventful birthday on the 15th of May when he turned 70 and was supposed to retire from office. Lawyers were at the High Court fighting the newly instituted constitution amendment which would have allowed judges age limit to move from 70 to 75. The court ruled that the term limit was invalid as it breached the constitution and that the Chief Justice had ceased to be judge as at midnight 15 May.

Meanwhile the government has lodged an appeal as the minister of justice issued out a statement calling it a night court consisting of night judges and night lawyers and accusing the judiciary of being captured by multi-lateral foreign forces to destabilise government…

Ministry of justice legal and parliamentary comments by Minister of Justice
Ministry of justice legal and parliamentary comments by Minister of Justice
Ministry of justice legal and parliamentary comments by Minister of Justice

Its been such a spectacle can someone just get the sceptre and we exorcise this specter…. Anyhow anything spectacular going on in your neck of the woods?




      1. I took pictures posted on my blog, but getting you to check out my blog is like occasionally pulling teeth lol. I will be checking out The Braii Hut this coming Saturday..ya know maybe forna guest post food review on your blog 😁

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  1. And here I thought that our traffic was bad… This is ridiculous. I blame it on the number of cars. But fuel? That’s a funny one.

    I enjoyed the extra dose of humor in this post. But I’m sure it’s more than frustrating for you who has to deal with things like that on the regular.

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    1. I think we need to get to a place where the people in charge can say. Hey we don’t know what we doing, we just winging it and we are open to suggestions….
      But no they pretend to have it figured out and if you point out that it’s falling apart you are unpatriotic 🙄*sigh*

      A laugh to drown out the frustrations ….

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    1. From one reader to another…. Yep it’s the optimal reading position one day should research to see if physiological it helps 🤔


  2. Good read, the things happening in our country makes it look less of a country and more of a circus really. When do I get to read of coffee and the Zimbabean Deborah statue shaped cake, oh well you will know what title to use atleast I tried.


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