Of Coffee With Motherhood Conversations, Conservation and The Constitution

If you were having coffee with me I would welcome you to my socially distanced part of the internet and ask you how it goes and wish you an awesome week ahead while wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers…Its always mother’s day right?

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I also understand how Mother’s Day can be a tale of two tales; for those who are mothers or have mothers and are in good books with their kin, it’s a wonderful time (and I will try not to be the rain on your parade people who will remind you that you don’t need to wait for one day in a year to tell people they are special) For those without mothers and mothers without children, it’s a very triggering time which peels open the wounds time never heals, not completely.

As they say there is no hood like motherhood, so here’s a toast to them past, present and future *raises coffee mug*

Speaking of motherhood I remember when I once went to a book store to buy The Joys Of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta, my sister needed it for her high school literature class. I think the Sales Lady in the book store was new, young and not particularly versed in literature because she assumed I was an expecting father looking for books on parenting, childhood and motherhood.

the joys of motherhood
The Joys Of Motherhood

They didn’t have the book in stock but showed me their array of magazines on child care and childbirth which I might be interested in. I couldn’t bear to burst her bubble or her sales pitch, when she was heaping me with praises for being such a responsible and caring father-to-be and besides you should have seen the silly grin on my face and don’t ask me why I ended up buying her recommendations; a copy of Living and Loving magazine instead as they did not have the book I sought in stock. Hmmm maybe that was the strategy.

living and loving magazine
Living and loving magazine

If you were having coffee with I would tell you I sometimes wonder what happed to that sales lady and if she ever got to read the book and realised how wrong she had been or if it was just another day at the book store. On that books conversation, over the weekend my book club had a Meet The Author Session with Lola Shoneyin author of The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives another book which showcases the intricacies of womanhood and motherhood.

Its always interesting having a chat with a book author to get the backstory of a book and insights you may have otherwise never realised, directly from the horse’s mouth. And Lola is one of those happy souls who speaks her mind and laughs a lot or maybe because conversations with people who read your books are on another level as they have already seen glimpses of your soul between the lines. I had a proud smile when she mentioned how Zimbabwe has a special place in her heart.

Check out my review of The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives where I shared a few insights from the author.

If you were having coffee with I would also point you in the direction of some posts on Mothers that bloggers from my community have shared:

•A guest post on How To Make Time For God As A Mother on The Christian Blog summarises the difficulties in parenting as “Raising another human whilst trying to figure out your own life.”

Tikia shares her birthing experience as a first time mom in Becoming A Mother

Melody writes about how whom she calls mum shows her a A Glimpse Of Heaven

Benjamin muses on a Mother With No Child

I havent written anything new but you can check out a Mother’s day tribute which still says it all..A Mother’s Love oh and by the by, welcome addition to the family, introducing my niece Ayanda.

baby Ayanda

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the Senate went ahead and passed the Bill which will make Amendment 2 to the constitution a reality, the government is congratulating itself on being progressive while all these little things which chip away at the structures of the constitution which has been amended 27 times in the past 3 years with no public referendum. Soon constitution will be another meaningless word like patriot, democracy, sovereignty and Freedom.

How can words not be meaningless when for example someone tries to do a clean-up campaign and gets arrested and ordered to stop doing it and then just after that the ruling party youths launches its own cleanup; campaign having noticed the messy state of things and they get news coverage and applause…

ZRP Cleanup reponse

Youth League Cleanup
Zanu PF Youth League Clean Up Campaign HERALD

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that public transport blues still persist and the government had even gone on to make the ludicrous ruling which has thankfully been clarified by the police no less, that school buses and staff buses would first need to be licensed under the ZUPCO franchise before they could carry passengers as only ZUPCOs are regulated to carry commuters…

ZUPCO exempts rural buses
ZUPCO exempts rural buses CHRONICLE

Meanwhile our elephant population of 100 000 strong which is the second largest in the world after Botswana,  is proving to be a massive headache for conservationalists as the government considers doing an extensive culling exercise, it was even suggested that they try out trophy hunting so that they can at least raise money but that suggestion has been met with …hostility to put it kindly.  

Zim Elephant population balloons Sunday Mail

So what for must happen now, and if they do a culling exercise cant even sell the ivory because of the CITES Convention with Zimbabwe currently sitting on a stockpile of ivory worth between 500 and 600 million dollarsWho wants to adopt an elephant? I bet if you talk nicely to the Zimbabwean government it just might be a better option than someone paying money to hunt elephants for sport…

Mother of elephants anyone?

Whats been going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. Congratulations Uncle ~B for Ayanda. Happy mother’s day to all the women who’ve taken up the role of mothering. There is no time like now I want to be very away from Zimbabwe.

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  2. I never thought Mother’s Day could be anything but joyful until I lost my mother. I’m happy for others and try to keep my pain to myself. I also know some people who are not mothers for one reason or another who also feel a bit left out on this day. It’s just a reminder to be mindful of others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing.. And sorry for your loss.
      True, true we need to be mindful it goes a long way.
      Glad you visited and much appreciated have an awesome week ahead

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the coffee and thank you too for the Mother’s day wishes. I was giggling when reading the story of you at the bookstore and the misunderstanding. Hehe, just know that’s better than someone saying to you, so when are you expecting? When you aren’t! YIKES! It’s happened to me before! 🤣 I do agree with you that every day is Mother’s day as we all wouldn’t be here without a Mom! Right?

    Lastly, I can’t believe the elephant population! As I’m thinking about it, of all animals to have a population explosion! YIKES! They are so huge! I hope they have plenty of land and space! Lol 🐘
    Stay safe out there B! ❤️ ~Diana


  4. Who knows where that ivory is stored, you are being played.

    I liked the that bookshop lady who was giving you Daddy lessons, she is a real sales person than a books person

    Thanks you for directing the Sun my way


  5. ZUPCO is a money minting thing through the transport sector, I think even Uber one day will be required to go through it


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