Of Coffee Over An Easter Weekend

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad to have you visit and invite you to feel at home and enquire how the long weekend has been or its been business as usual?

I have been losing track of days, last Thursday felt like a Friday, Friday felt like Saturday and Saturday like a Sunday and today feels… weird.

It was a very low key Easter weekend without the usual festivities that normally make this time of the year… feel festive. While lockdown restrictions have been eased, people were encouraged, very persuasively, by the government and police to neither travel nor gather. Boarding school students were to remain at school and were not allowed to travel home and parents barred from visiting, because COVID.

ZRP EaSter holiday statement
Zimbabwe Republic Police Easter Holiday Statement

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I am so glad I am not in school right now; it seems such a weird time to be a learner. I worry about the state of our education system, especially as learners proceeded to the next level after missing out on two thirds of the school calender last year terms due to lockdown and COVID.

I was helping out my 8 year old niece with her homework and got a bit stuck looking at these awkwardly written assignments from their teacher, which had me thinking not only about the teachers but the kind of learners that this system would graduate… Just look:

science and technology homework water sources grade 3

Upon asking my niece if the teacher had explained any of this, I was shocked to realise that the teachers were outsourcing the actual teaching of pupils to the parents and guardians. Those who want their child to get  “extra lessons” from the teacher  would have to pay… Of course the government and Ministry of Education frowns upon such activities…

But will the department of education be in every classroom to ensure that a teacher does not pick only those students whose parents have paid for extra lessons to come sit in front of class and get one on one coaching and get homework assignments using Whatsapp, while the rest of the class is left to figure it out..

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I was reading an article in the Sunday Mail on how according to the latest Government report, 4 959 teenagers got pregnant in January and February this year, while an additional 1 774 got into early marriages. What is more worrying is how I haven’t read about at least 1000+ men being arrested on statutory rape and other charges as the teenagers are minors, obviouslyso who is marrying them and who is allowing it?

pregnant teen kicked out of school
Marco Tibasima cartoon

While the government amended the Education Act in August 2020 so that no student is expelled from school on grounds of pregnancy, since the first lockdown begun a shocking number of girls have dropped out of school. A lot of following up, counselling, therapy and support is going to be needed… but who has time for that?

If you were having coffee with me I would ask if you ran into news about the Evergreen Ship which was stuck in the Suez Canal… I watched a video of kids suggesting various solutions on how the problem could have been tackled and was fascinated to see young minds at work and again I was reminded of how we stay stuck following old ways of doing things with no room for innovation and thinking out of the box..

The government has opened up more COVID vaccine centers across the country and the number of vaccinations has increased a lot in the past week.. I am going to find out if there is a place to get one of those jabs and I might just get one myself, have you gotten your shot yet?

Meanwhile a Seke South Clinic in Chitungwiza is under investigation as 457 Vaccination Certificates have gone missing Street rate for buying a Covid Vaccination Certificate is at about $25 while getting the vaccine Is FREE. Why would anyone buy a vaccine card…

…Well word on the street is that the Vaccination Card is set to become a valuable currency, a passport one requires to provide and access services… Already I have seen reports on how some clinics are running out of the Vaccination Cards for those vaccinated and people are being told that one will be available by the time they get their second vaccine… why are they running out of the cards but not the vaccines?… hmmm sips coffee

easter eggs, easy bunny and the cross

If you were having coffee with I would ask how your Easter holiday has been and what the connection between Easter, Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs is…..


PS what sort of chickens to Easter Eggs hatch into….

EAster egg chicks
Easter Egg Chicks



  1. Hey Beaton.
    Trafficking in vaccination cards. . . Gee who could have foreseen such a thing?
    There are days when I wonder if the anarchy that would follow a full collapse of government could possibly be worse than the continuation of what government we still have?

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    1. Just when you think you have seen it all…. Trafficking vaccination cards… So now those who have been vaccinated don’t have cards to show they have been and those who haven’t been by cards to show they have been… Well I hope no one pays too dearly for this foolishness….
      At the risk of not be labelled an anarchist I shall not describe a possible Utopia if world governments where to fall lest I be flagged as plotting to over throw the government…. I’ll just say George Orwell was so spot on in describing “the future”

      Thanks for visiting Gary and have an awesome week


  2. Yesssss…… I got my jab and when my friends learnt about it, all they could ask was if I was craving blood as a result and whether I had anything specific I want in my eulogy.

    I am curious too about the easter-eggs thingy, why easter eggs? and not avocado for example? 🤔

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    1. So how long has it been since you got the jab?. Have you noticed any peculiar things, do you feel a strange urge to howl at the moon, do you feel as if tiny lil microchips are coursing through your veins and controlling your mind and altering your DNA?

      The Easter Avocado would be pretty cool and very healthy too


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      1. I think 3 weeks back.

        It’s Raw meat for me😅. Just the smell of blood gets me frantic and subsequently vigorous as I attempt to locate where it’s coming from. Don’t ask me how I calm down the urge – you don’t want to know!😌

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  3. haha I had to go and read about the Easter Bunny and I must say it is weird…..

    Yeah, Parents world over need to understand they are solely responsible for the education of their kids, not the teachers.
    Coz in Africa, how are we going to do it? What global market will our kids compete in?

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    1. There’s weird stories out there…. Stares into the *Out There*

      Parents need to be proactive in the education of their children instead of simply asking what did you learn at school today 🤣🤣🤣


  4. It’s been a blast of a Weekend
    Am glad it was quiet different comparing with the one we had last year when covid happened.
    I spent it with my family. We went from pillar to post looking for easter costumes but we didn’t find any…we bought easter instead…, I truly have to detox after the sugar intake the entire weekend

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    1. Hahaha detox and sweating off all those calories.

      But yeah it was a very chilled weekend this side wouldn’t even know it was Easter if you didn’t look at the calender 🤣🤣

      Thanks for visiting

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  5. We had a quiet weekend, but a nice dinner together, just husband and I since we have an empty nest. Shocking that they traffic the cards! Also, I too wonder what the future holds for education after the past two years, and moving forward.
    I haven’t had a jab yet because in my area I was too young, but I just came up in the queue, so I will be making an appointment this week.
    Bunnies don’t connect with me and Easter, other than baby bunnies and chicks and ducks, making us think about Spring. Easter is the resurrection Sunday pretty much only that, and the end of Lent.

    Take care, stay healthy!

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    1. Aaaawe a quiet nest🥤 well I trust you had a restful weekend and here’s to a blessed one which begins midweek 🥂

      Imagine, trafficking the cards, i would expect people to traffic the vaccine but nooo… People are weird… But I guess everything has a price and someone will pay for it

      Thank you for visiting


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  6. Well it’s been a quiet weekend for me ,I spent it differently from the past years this year I didn’t want the whole banter and loud that comes with holidays I managed and escaped it somehow. About schools its worrying how little control government has over the education systems, in Uganda schools were told not to increase tuition but who listened. Parents are stuck paying debts of last year plus increased fees. Pregnant young girls , early marriage is a sing song in Africa and nope just like you asked where are the arrested men , Does anyone ever know a rapist?? Sighhhhh we have a long way to go …. Easter Bunny never tried understanding it hehehe

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    1. A quiet weekend is great… Glad you managed to escape the loud banter…. Did covid have anything to do with it?

      The state of schools is super worrying, in the future, we are going to look back and have people wondering why no one paid more attention to the time bomb in education systems….

      Thanks for visiting


  7. OMG! That video was absolutely adorable! I Love how children see the world and how they answered is hysterical and cool. Young minds at work! 🤣 I Love the saying “seeing the world through children’s eyes” I think that’s magical! 👀 Truly Precious….

    I do worry about schools education and all the other things you are worried about. Sad state of affairs and am praying for a better future for all children! That’s all I got… Oh, and I’m trying to make an appt for my vaccine, it’s always booked up! And sheesh, there’s always bad people everywhere ripping things off, selling fake this and that. It will never end. On that note, I’m still SMILING thinking of those kiddo’s on that video! 🤩😉🤠

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    1. The video of the kids is absolutely heart warming.
      I bet if we put kids in parliament the world be…. Very interesting.. And then become a horror story straight out of Lord Of The Rings Meets Stephen King and George Orwell … OK I have a crazy imagination 🤣🤣🤣

      If someone is willing to pay for something, someone will rip off someone else for it.

      Have an awesome week and v thanks for visiting

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      1. Hehehe, kids in parliament…. You do have a crazy imagination! I Love it, maybe you should write a novel as that would make some story! 🤣🤣🤣

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  8. I haven`t gotten a jab yet.

    “If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I was reading an article in the Sunday Mail on how according to the latest Government report, 4 959 teenagers got pregnant in January and February this year, while an additional 1 774 got into early marriages. What is more worrying is how I haven’t read about at least 1000+ men being arrested on statutory rape and other charges as the teenagers are minors, obviously… so who is marrying them and who is allowing it?”-I have a feeling this is happening in every African country since last year😭😭😭 It is heartbreaking.

    My Easter holiday was loud and quiet😂😂

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    1. You raise the question about all these pregnancies and someone will instead joke about how in about 13 years the world will be full quarenTeens, the coronial generation…

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  9. My Easter holiday was quiet and we attended church which was a better situation from last year. I don’t understand bunnies and eggs, for me Easter is about our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  10. If we were having coffee, I would tell you how I wrote exams twice in this covid era yet I still do not understand the exam material. I know university is almost self taught but man, I question the integrity of the degree I will attain. I start my attachment in August and I feel like I’m going to battle with a bread knife

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If it’s any consolation…. everyone else will have a breadknife 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so the battle field will be somewhat even🤔
      From primary level right through to tertiary level I think the whole system needs to be recalibrated otherwise we are just fooling ourselves and soon the education certificates will be as meaningless as a revolving door that goes nowhere except round and round.
      Thank you for sharing.

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