Of Coffee With The Package

If you were having coffee with me, “welcome welcome” I would say and tell you to settle down because have I got the package for you… Ok the package isn’t for you it’s a figure of speech.. for you know The Package…

A couple of days back my sister needed me to pick up a package for her that would be put in an overnight bus to Harare from South Africa and then upon collection arrange for transportation to where she stays which is about 115km away, sounds easy enough in theory.. Package-Bus-Collect-Send-Arrive *simple*

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that a medley of unfortunate circumstances can turn simple plans into a real comedy of errors. For starters the contact person in South Africa’s phone ran out of battery and because of load-shedding they were unavailable until well into the next day to pass along all the required information, which was that the overnight bus they were to put package in had been late and so they had left the package at bus offices and requested that it be put on bus, payment made and package labelled clearly.

package being sent by bus

Before their phone switched off, they managed to send a picture of the package and the phone number of the bus crew. When I called the phone number it turned out the number was for a different bus crew (same company though) but they were still in Harare on their way to South Africa and definitely not the bus I was expecting to have arrived by 10am. After some frantic calling and running around, I was informed the bus with the package had already arrived and I had to figure out how to get to their Bus Depot to go and collect the package.

I eventually found the place, eventually…. But I didn’t find the package.

waiting for the bus

Had it been lost? Had it been stolen?… where was it? It was suggested that perhaps the package was on another bus which would be arriving in the evening and I could come and check the next day… The next day I showed up and so was the package…

collecting the package
Can you spot it?

You could ask why we didn’t just use a courier service like FedEx or DHL and the like and I ask you if you have seen their prices, it may end up costing more than what you want to send.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that while joking with some of the bus staff they mentioned how with lockdown and boarders closing they mostly ferried packages and not passengers. I think its about time someone formalised a Courier Services for buses and cut out the drama I mean one should not have to go around trying to find a bus and its terminus and then hunting it down if they miss it..

I mean they have my contact details they could simply call to say come pick up your package, heck, we have The Internet, I should even be able to track it and for an extra fee have a taxi deliver it to my house nicely drama-free…

While running around collecting the package I almost missed the 3rd Virtual Meet-Up for Afrobloggers which happens every last Saturday of the month. Fortunately I caught it in progress and had fun hanging out with fellow bloggers, learning and networking.

Afrobloggers Meet Up

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that maybe the package was trying to arrange for the school run for my cousins in primary school. Schools have opened but we have some weird two day, three day week where learners will go on alternating days of the week; some weeks one goes twice other weeks one goes thrice. The Ministry of Education is going to launch a catch-up strategy where this term learners are supposed to cover material they should have done last year… hmmm well good luck to them.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that maybe aliens delivered the package, there are reports about an unidentified flying object that was seen in the town of Chipinge in Eastern Zimbabwe. There was never an official explanation mostly unverified reports by eye witnesses. Not sure if the image below is what was seen but that’s what newspapers ran with the story.

Ufo sighted in Chipinge
UFO sighted in Chipinge. Source: HERALD

So, aliens?… who knows, but well something unidentified was seen by some people.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that another package is arriving today, but this time its vaccines from India.  The second phase of the vaccination programme started with the president getting his jab. Although vaccination is voluntary and trust in the vaccines is still relatively low, there is talk of Vaccine Passports and its possible people will be required to produce vaccination certificates when travelling or even to access public services…

… its easy to see where that would go and already people have been arrested for running syndicates that are selling vaccination cards to people without actually giving them vaccines *sigh*

So whats been going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. I literally fell on the floor laughing. Ooohhh packages!! Maybe you should start the courier services. Show these guys how it is done.

    Happening my neck of the woods? Still laughing my head off- people around think I’m nuts. Thanks for bringing joy to my area code

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  2. Package collection should be as simple as ABC, I am so sorry you had to go through all that. Thanks for helping out, I am sure your sister really appreciates all the effort you put it.

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  3. Ha ha! I tried to pick up a package sent from overseas from the local post office this morning. It was there but I couldn’t pick it up because ‘the system was down’.

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  4. I have to say that I didn’t know you have DHL and FedEx there… Good to learn!
    I remember sending packages like that (by bus) in the past, too, because it was less expensive than sending it the ‘right’ way. Just tip the driver and off it goes. If you missed the bus, you’d be out of luck and chances were it was gone for good. They were too good to try and call you. You would have their phone number then and who knows what you’d do with it…

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    1. hahahaha yep incase you want to courier me a Christmas present ^_^
      And thats precisely the system you tip the driver and hope for the best, sometimes it works and sometimes, well, not so much…
      I really dont know why the bus companies actually include it as part of their official services.

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      1. I’d think that it has something to do with money. If the bus companies agree to do this the legit way, they probably would have to pay for some sort of insurance and be liable for lost packages, which means more money spent and more grey hairs. This way, the bus driver has the power to refuse packages, or earn some extra cash for taking something somewhere to where he is already headed. And he even doesn’t have to carry it!


  5. That is another thing we need sorting out in our beloved motherland. Beaton, you are lucky you got your package even if it was a pain. The common scenario in my country at least, is that it does not arrive at all, but if it does, be sure to miss some valuables. It’s crazy!!!

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    1. Like cant we justbe professional about it…?
      I guess not.
      I was even thinking that hmmm looks like am not getting this package


  6. I am glad you eventually found your package. It would have been really devastating to not find it after all that hustle.💖💖💖

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    1. I was almost losing hope and I was super glad to finally find it 🤣
      What a trip though…
      Oh if packages could talk the stories they could tell
      Thanks for visiting

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  7. What a pain in the rear but am happy you found your package!! This reminds me of an issue we had here with FedEx and missing veterinary samples going to another lab in Ohio, just 2 weeks ago. Oh the finger pointing, “you didn’t send the package” and “yes we did” and the customer (in this case dogs and cats testing for bladder or kidney stones) were missing. They miraculously turned up over a week later, and testing was completed and now all the fingers point to FedEx!! It’s really bad to lose body parts or anything blood related (time sensitive testing) through the mail as it could cost the company thousands of dollars in compensation to the pet owners…. Oh sorry, how did I get off on that tangent? Oh yes, packages!! Lol 🤣

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    1. well one would expect better from a reputable courier service… fortunately the missing samples returned hahaha

      Yep, I super glad also got the package

      Case of the packages

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    1. Well at least the package arrived woo hoo

      Hmm about the monthly catch up, it’s every last Saturday of the month… Let me add you in a reminder to send you a notification 😎


  8. Wow.
    Adventures in shopping & receiving.
    Who knew?

    I may be in one myself. I may have purchased a pocket knife from a seller who wants only to sell but not deliver.
    I’ve put a hold on my payment via the credit card company so well see how this unfolds, but frankly some adventures are best experienced through the pages of a book rather than in person.
    Don’t you agree?

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    1. There’s adventure everywhere 🤣🤣🤣
      But I much prefer my adventures safely confined to the pages of a book… Or even a blog🤣🤣


  9. What an excellent post! Plus, it is very laughable and relatable. I am lucky enough to have an Amazon Hub on the premises where I live. All packages are delivered there, whether or not from Amazon. However, like all techie stuff, the system has failed once or twice or more. After reading your story, I shouldn’t complain.

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    1. Haha hey at the end of the day the package arrived🤣🤣
      How does collecting a package become such an epic adventure


  10. Some of my Christmas packages did not arrive until after the new year. Our posting has been inconsistent lately here in the U.S. But your story beats the hell out of any of mine!


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