Of Coffee On Silent Mornings

If you were having coffee with me, I would greet you with Hello MarchA new day, a new month, a new folder and I am feeling great….

Its early morning, the day has just begun and you can hear the sounds of the city waking up, the chirping of birds slowly being drowned out by the roar of traffic. The sound is not as loud as it ordinarily would be, but its increased somewhat from since this phase of lockdown. The president is supposed to make an address about lockdown as the two-week extension ends today.

I am guessing there is going to be a reduction in the lockdown restrictions even the COVID reports seem to be talking more about the reduced cases and deaths from COVID or maybe that would justify a continued lockdown…

zimbabwe covid stats
Zimbabwe Covid Situation Report Ministry Of Health

If you were coffee with me I would tell you its morning  and silent for this time of day, lockdown I suppose, whats conspicuolulsy absent from the morning traffic is the sound of horns as commuter taxis try to attract passengers occasionally bellowing out “Town Town Mbare Mbare Copa Cabana, Joina…” and other destinations. Getting into town is a mission, well if you don’t have the documentation to prove you have business travelling during lockdown.

I had occasion to get into into town this past week and I was hoping I could flash some old documentation and bluff my way through a COVID Police Checkpoint…  Obviously I was nervous wondering if I had the bravado to pull it off fortunately I was saved by the rain as the police abandoned their roadblock and I got into town without incident.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you to listen, “Do you hear that?” “Hear what?” you would ask and I would look at you like this… till you exclaimed “I hear nothing” and I would exclaim “Exactly” There’s a certain silence about a house when there is no electricity… the absence of the static hum of electrical appliances, you don’t notice it until the machine stops…

Electricity supply has been intermittent with frequent power outages, while they haven’t said its loadshedding as before, they say its faults caused by the rains, its been raining a lot, trees falling on power lines and recently the was a fire at a power station which took out power generation so they said. A friend shared on Twitter how their electricity cables were stolen in the middle of the night….

Electricity Pylon with cut cables

Apparently vandals tripped the power and pulled down the electricty cables.

I aslo had a visit from nefarious intentioned people who used the cover of darkness with the electricity blackouts to nicodemously help themselves to some of my things. Nothing major but lets just say I hope no one invites me to any formal meetings, I don’t have single shirt to wear *sigh* well at least if lockdown continues I can dress as I please, am in my PJs right now, can you tell?.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that it was my birthday about a week ago today… incase you missed wishing me a happy birthday you can do it again haha. It was heartwarming reading some of the messages, I almost felt like a bit of a celebrity check out some that saved from Twitter.

Oh and I also created an interesting post which you must absolutely read or even listen to as you read in my previous post A Bloggers Creed inspired by the Gunslinger’s Creed.

And speaking of a Bloggers; this past weekend we hosted the second of our Virtual Blogger meetups for Afrobloggers wooo hoo

…and the Afrobloggers Blogger Of The Year Shathiso The Gaborone Runner shared her guiding pillars

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the vaccination campaign using Sinopharm is continuing and so far the numbers seem low but haven’t heard of any incidences of adverse reactions, and other countries seem to be taking it up, shall I allow myself to hope we are on our way to a normal world. Whats a normal world though? One where you can never trust anything I suppose.

countries that have rolled out vaccines in Africa

One of our Vice Presidents still underfire from allegations of sexual misconduct and he issued a statement disatncing himslef from immoral unions which reads like I must say seems the VP doth protest too much, he is a victim of political machinations, right to privacy violations, hacking and voice cloning….

If you are having coffee with me I would tell you it’s a silent morning and I am wondering when the noise will find me.

Anyway whats going on in your neck of the world?




  1. My neck of the woods was quite calm. It was also a silent morning- well ‘coz it was 4am but it is actually a great time to be up. Tea was the beverage. And there’s nothing wrong with PJ’s. It’s the preferred choice of wear. Hahah!

    Hallelujah to Afrobloggers meet-up. Malawi, we await you eagerly

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  2. Hey Beaton. I did miss your BD. It was very covid of me to have fallen so far into quarantined isolation but paying attention to the outside world seems to have become a buried priority. But easily the best feature of being so isolated is that our standard uniform is cotton pj’s.
    I’d never heard of someone stealing power lines right off the polls before. Seems inconsistent to climb so high so you can stoop so low. . .
    Here’s hopes for a better week.


    1. Hahaha i know right🤣
      It’s some feel good therapy right there… Made it easy to breeze through the other speed bumps 🤣

      Cheers to an awesome month

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  3. I missed the meetups
    I’ll definitely join the next one yo be hosted
    Happiest Happiest Birthday I missed it too but I hope you had a blast.

    Talking about vaccine,, …Have you been vaccibated?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will make sure to send you an invitation link .. Last Saturday of the month.

      Thank you had a blast🎉🎊

      No am not a frontline worker so not worrying about being vaccinated or not being vaccinated🤣🤣🤣

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  4. They stole your shirts? Wow.
    You cracked me up with the tweet about the police fleeing due to the rain. I’m glad you were able to take care of your business without having to resort to a life of crime.
    What do they do with the power cables? Sell them? Then, there should be police at those selling points catching them.

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    1. They stole my shirts… the bastards I guess we culd say they went online shopping hehehehehe
      Also the police really need to be out there catching criminals instead of harassing citizens asking them reasons for going to the shops, cant I just buy my groceries in peace and so what if the only grocery I bought is vodka it was my birthday was it not hahahaha
      I suspect even the power company or at least its employees are involved in the theft of power cables because ordinary people have a healthy respect for electrical cables and also where and how would you know to sell it; wouldnt be surprised if its the power company which buys them back (its a state owned enterprise and I really dnt trust the operation of anything controlled by the state with access to public funds)

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  5. I wait for these like the real coffee👌👌

    I missed the Afrobloggers meetup this time ,was caught up in mourning look forward to the rest to come.

    About your shirts!
    The Nerve! What kind of people?
    Oh Gosh and yes now I picture you in Pyjamas heheh.

    In our neck of woods
    It’s currently very hot in Kampala Uganda
    You want to walk naked but remember the Garden of Eden is no more…

    Our President officially declared that we can live without Facebook in our country because we haven’t lost anything major ever since he blocked it ,seems to be a permanent position for now.

    Ugandans trying to bury themselves in humor as always but really we are mostly surviving

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    1. aaaawe sorry to have missed you and sorry for your loss.
      Glad that this updates are something you actually wait for hahaha

      Its been raining a lot but today feels like it will be a hot dry day can we bring back garden of eden hehehehe

      So quick update our lockdown has been eased and the VP mentioned above has resigned some people joke that its because he heard that bars and nite clubs would remain closed, and some we say now where will he get a lodge for his shenigans since he is “alleged” to have used government offices as his bedroom… people will joke and make memes even as the world ends I tell you


      1. That VP was already shady with all the comeback comments he made atleast he resigned ,In Uganda I wouldn’t see that happening ever these guys can bold themselves out of every crazy thing.

        At Garden of Eden hahaha hahaha

        Glad your lockdown is lifted

        Thanks for getting back and yes I look forward to these always


  6. I too am fond of mornings, before the world gets busy, the silence it offers as the start of a new day. 😌✨ Happy March! And congratulations to another successful afrobloggers zoom meeting. In my neck of the woods– in this uhm turtle shaped country? 😂 — it’s already summer! Haha thanks for sharing, B. xx


  7. I am generally first up in my household, and I cherish the relative quietude. Nice to think and breathe; or breathe and choose not to think too much…

    “devilish wit and disarming charm” — got to get me some of those. 😀


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