Of A Torrent Pirate’s Confessions

If I were to go to a Halloween costume party, what would I dress as? I would dress as myself, and who am I? You can call me The Dread Captain Uncle B..

And these are my confessions…..

I use a pirated version of Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System on a desktop full of pirated applications and cracked software and multimedia downloaded from questionable locations on torrent sites using VPNs to hide my location…

The laptop itself could have been a Pirated Edition too, if I knew a way to pirate laptops….

split screen mode windows

There’s a terabyte full of movies, none of them bought…

I have never paid for nothing that I could not download for myself and the possibilities of a brave new and exciting world of 3D printing is rife with so much potential… imagine me:

Drinking a 3D printed very single very superior aged whiskey…

Where I can, I try to pay for my way but usually I can’t, so what can I do?  They say its easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Dread Pirate Whitebeard

Sometimes I approach my favourite authors and nicely ask that in exchange for a book review or discount coupon I get a copy of their book _Sometimes they agree sometimes they don’t._ and regardless of how dubiously I acquire their book, I always write a review as a sort of penance for my transgressions taking care to include official links to where the book can be found.

Crazy how it used to be extremely difficult to find writers who were willing to let me read for reviews but now I even get unsolicited Advance Reader’s Copy from some authors in my mailbox that I even decline some which don’t align with my brand and reading tastes.

Can you review my book

That said authors in the literary industry need to evolve from depending on the traditional model of making money from book sales and instead find creative ways of interacting and merchandising with their fans, readers and reviewers..

My first book will probably be free just like how my thoughts are here for your perusal and if you ever want to talk about writing or music, art and well coffee, simply get in touch.

So, yeah I am, a pirate, are you reading this and shaking your head thinking could never be me?

The music in your phones… did you pay for it?  Those images and memes you use, did you just get them from the internet and affix the accreditation maybe you didn’t even do that.

We selectively worry about piracy in one field while disregarding it elsewhere;

…hey, Miz I always buy the books I read…” does that justify you reading my blog and never ever leaving a comment or even a like that I know you were here? * hang on did you just screenshot my blog and posted it on your status and didn’t even tell me????

Who is the pirate now?

Dread Captain Uncle WhiteBeard

Yours The Dread Pirate Captain Uncle


PS Happy Halloween and yeah you can buy me candy Trick or Treat


Trick or Treat

Buy me candy ^_^

1.00 $



  1. If I were to go to a Halloween party I’d dress like you just ‘cos I too am a piracy queen but I’d still want to hide my identity so I’d use your identity as cover [lol, that totally made sense in my head but not so much now that I’m typing it out]


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