Of Words Of Affirmation

The best compliments I have received are about my writing and in case you never knew; I appreciate each and every one of those; little signs of affirmation that someone else apart from me loves what I read… It’s a Love Language and if you want to learn more about this blogger’s love language click on the link below.

words of affirmation a blogger's love language
Words Of Affirmation

One of the memorable compliments I read all year was shared by *someone who was trying to visualize the person behind the blog:

When I first read your poetry hmmmm you seemed like a young lad with a six pack, bald with a bushy beard sitting behind a computer….
I listened to the voice and it was not an ordinary 20 year old but a 20 Fine that had mastered the taste of words; and twirls with words.
Then I saw your pictures…
I convinced myself that you were young with just a few greys peeping…. (I love to understand my writers by imagining them)
Then once you wrote and mentioned your age;… and I was like damn; he has fine taste like he is 85 and has mastered the taste of every coffee and can define it by its scent while it brews.
Like that man that will just inhale his red wine and tell… this was a good year

Wow!!!!!! Right? ^_^

Ever read or hear something about yourself that makes you want to meet the person being described?

That was me, when I read that; I found it too good to not share on my blog so here it is (If you read this I am sorry but I did say this was definitely going on my blog…. Anyway I will keep it anonymous for now )


I am not a journalist and never think of my blog as somewhere you can find news and current affairs but I have seen comments from people, who tell me they rely on my blog to find out the news and the real situation on the ground (at least from my perspective)  

Sometimes when I wonder if anyone ever notices me when I feel like a black and white character in a world full of colour then I look back at moments like this and I think; yes, this is exactly where I should be…..



PS I love compliments of hair too haha!



  1. That last pic of your hair is a neat shot! Yes, you have great hair. May it always give you joy. I hope mine can be so nice someday. Hair complements are always appreciated. I’ve gotten a few from strangers and given out many more in kind.

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    1. Thank you 😊😊😊 it’s not for sale though, grow your own 😂😂😂😂😂

      Hahaha if it does not matter then stay curious, I like being mysterious 🎁🎉😍

      Wow! it’s exactly 2 months to my birthday


      1. I’m not looking to buy it😂
        I have my own farm😁

        It sort of matters😩
        Also, do you dye your hair?

        February child? Happy Birthday! I’m the first one to wish you😛

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      2. Hahaha how’s growing at the farm? 😂

        I don’t dye my hair but I used to dye my beard and then I decided hmmmm dye smells horrible why am I stressing myself…. Thinking of blonde highlights in my hair to offset the beard lol

        Yep February child, apparently it’s a creative month to be born, if you believe the stars
        And yes you just became the first person to wish me happy birthday 😂😂…


      3. It’s growing😂

        I’m wondering how it’s all black yet your beard has colour. Why does everyone choose blonde? I swear if you come to Kenya, you will see 90% of dreadlocked humans with blonde. Beats me

        Mine’s July and it is the BEST of the best. I choose to ignore the stars.

        Kari u😊

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      4. ……its not all black there’s sprinkles of colour around my temples in a few more years it will definitely be noticeable to the casual observer for now the the longer black covers it^_^

        hahaha I think first because its the colour that gives the best contrast to the black and it blends in well in an almost natural kinda way and what other options out are there, blue, green? Red, Orange and Yellow usually all end up seeming like a variations of blonde with age.

        Everyone thinks the best people were born in their month


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      5. I will take a closer look.

        Maroon, brown perhaps?
        That’s a good reason. Go ye!

        But for July, it’s more than a thought. It is a fact.

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  2. Yea, I like reading what other people think about me, too. It’s funny how not being able to see someone stirs up your imagination.
    When it comes to the love language, I was wondering about it recently. It seems that my language includes ALL of the types.

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    1. It’s interesting seeing what people think about you and the impressions they get from reading the stuff you write. .. Met someone recently do told me voice was surprisingly softer than they imagined.. OK then.

      As for love languages first of all I did not read the famous book on love languages I just hijacked the phrases and frankly I would say I think we aren’t predominantly one love language it’s a balance of everything and you are supposed to find people who understand yours or else you will spend your life interpreting your soul….
      Also I low key suspect the love language classification was a gimmick kinda like the things mentalists, illusionists and con clairvoyants do to say I can see there’s change in your life and you like to write but won’t let people see the project you are working on but a kind stranger will give you a positive review…..

      Anyone will reading this would think its about them lol


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      1. hahahahahahahahaha if there’s one thing I have come to appreciate is you cant just neatly classify or group people like you should only be this main one from the type blogger you are right down to your personality type and love language…
        and whose to say there’s only those 5 types of love languages maybe there’s other undefined ones neither material nor physical but more metaphysical…..

        ….besides even if it were true that you should only be one main one to fully love you would not express aspects of all those some more than others and if you can express and receive all of them equally well wouldn’t that be mind blowing hahahaha

        Anyway I think they should be taken more as guide and a stepping stone to better understanding yourself and others than as an absolute cast in stone commandments:
        Though shall have only one

        Yeah or what?


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      2. You’re right. I think real love should be expressed by all 5 (and more). It seems like settling on one is exactly that – settling because you can’t get anything better. And that is sad.

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      3. also I am pretty sure the point of this was to better express another person’s love language and having someone have just one main would make it easy to pick that one and to hell with everything else I got you gifts right ? lol
        I wonder if the person who started it imagined how big it would end up, and if they studied psychology…

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