Of WordCamp Harare 2019

Of Harare Wordcamp 2019

In three more sleeps; it will be time for the fourth edition of the Harare WordCamp.


What is a WordCamp?

A WordCamp is a conference organized by the local WordPress community usually with a line-up of everyday people sharing on topics they are passionate about and designed to better improve the experience of all things WordPress related.

WordCamps happen all over the world and to date there have been 1050 WordCamps spanning 75 cities 65 Countries and 6 continents; since the first WordCamp in San Francisco 2006.

Harare is braced for its 4th WordCamp

WordCamp Harare 2019

Who And Why Should you attend?

The WordCamp conference is open to everyone; particularly if you are a WordPress Practitioner, from bloggers to developers; from curious people wanting to know what they can do on the internet to freelancers looking to network.

There is something from everyone

You can browse a tentative list of the speakers by clicking on the button below to get a feel for what to expect.

Note I am one of the speakers. When I attended my first WordCamp in 2016 I was inspired to want to be more than just an attendee, to tell my story.

Below are links to my previous WordCamp Presentations:

Come through this November to find out what the Uncle of Bloggers has in store for you…..

Uncle Of Bloggers
Selfie Moment with FitnessBae and Ellen Alexa

If you are reading this and suddenly thinking you want to attend a WordCamp too; then check if there isn’t one happening close to you

WordCamps still to happen this year in Africa

WordCamp In Africa

WordCamp Kampala Uganda November 30-1 December

WordCamp Mombasa Kenya 7-8 December

WordCamp Nairobi Kenya 7-8 December


PS Have you ever attended a WordCamp before?

PPS did I mention After Party?



  1. This means you will have attended more WordCamps in Harare than me. I’m jealous 😜

    Thank you for your wonderful blog posts that spread awareness of WordCamps! 👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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