of Posting To Instagram From PC

For some very strange reason, the people of Instagram only want you to post your pictures via the phone app, and if you want to post using different ways you will need inventive use of emulators, third party apps and web extensions.

Could be a million reasons why one does not have the Instagram app on their phone or maybe you have a desktop full of pictures you want to post and the hustle of having to move to phone first then upload via phone.

After a couple years struggle trying to find ways around this I have found three sure fire methods that are currently working without using the actual Instagram app on phone and PC

1. Opening Instagram using Mobile phone browser

Opening the Instagram site using your phone’s default browser or the Chrome browser opens it in a sort of web app page which allows you to post pics in phone gallery to Instagram, even though you do not necessarily have the Instagram app on said device.


2. Chrome Browser Instagram Web IG Story Extension

Adding the Web IG story Extension for Chrome creates a sort of simulator for the mobile web app which not only gives you an upload function but you can download pics from Instagram too

web IG Story
Post to Instagram

Shout out to @Dejungle_ for the heads up

3.  Simulate Mobile Device with Device Mode in Chrome DevTools

This method is slightly awkward and makes use of developer tools of the Chrome Browser used to approximate how web pages look and perform on a mobile device.

i) Open the Instagram site and then Open Chrome’s developer tools using the command F12

ii) Click the ‘Toggle device toolbar‘ button to turn Device Mode on or off. (Icon is blue when Device Mode is on).

(Optional) Select which mobile device you want to simulate

Refresh the webpage with device mode enabled to allow the mobile version to load… and you are will see the option to upload pictures

** Note with all these methods you will get limited upload functions for example advanced editing, filters and multiple picture slide will not be available but its still better than not being able to post at all.


Yeah now I just might use my Instagram more


    1. my thoughts exactly… I am curious to know why they make it so, maybe they dont want people spamming their servers or something


  1. I’ve always wondered why instagram won’t let you upload pics from a pc. Most of my best photos are on my computer – not my phone – and I hate having to move them around just to upload them to instagram.


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