Of UnPopular Opinions: Blogging Edition

Unpopular Opinions: Blogger Edition

Anybody can blog.

blogging clip art

In theory anyone can start a blog about anything since everybody has a story to tell. Correct; while anybody can start a blog, keeping it running is another ballgame all-together requiring a mixed bag of skill-sets which not everyone quite possesses and that is why blogs die.

Blogging is easy.

blogging is easy

Blogging is easy all you do is write… Outside looking in it seems one just sits down and writes, yes I can see how it looks just like that. But a lot goes into it from the research and background work to creating the time and space to actually write, not to mention having to read and interact with other blogs

A blog is a lot like being a lead actor, scriptwriter, director and executive producer of your own movie about being a one man production; writer, editor, publisher, and marketer of your own magazine.

one man blog production

Bloggers simply play on the internet.

what's blogging

Blogging for what? Yes sometimes I am on the internet for fun, but most times its for other reasons from research to post ideas, trying to find people to read my blog and looking out for opportunities. When I am on the internet I usually have several tabs open which include my social media accounts, my email, a dictionary and thesaurus, Wikipedia other blogs and of course my blog

You can make money from blogging

make money blogging

This is scam number one on the internet that you can make money on the internet from blogging…. As with all things you read on the internet, you should never believe things you find on the internet and that is something I read on the internet too…

One of the reasons blogging is not taken seriously in the global south is it does not seem to generate money, lots of money. I say seem because it sure does look that way, one of the most Googled questions on blogging is how to make money from blogging… (an enterprising mind you could do the math, if you know, you know)

Blogging is a hobby


To the casual observer blogging looks like a hobby, something you do for fun when you have free paint on your hands.

Blogging is not a hobby although it may be a labour of love on account of as I mentioned earlier that making money from it is let’s just say not easy.

For some of us blogging is a way of life, it’s like breathing you do not breathe for fun.


So besides blogging what else do you do?”

I have never heard anyone ask a doctor “So Doctor besides spending your waking hours in a hospital saving people’s lives, what else do you do?”

When asked the question what else do you do as a blogger it feels as if you are being asked what do you really do as if blogging is minor detour like when I am not blogging I am a doctor ^_^ I know a person isn’t just one thing, and a blogger might be several other things too.

I dream of a day when someone asks me what I do, then I reply “I am an uncle of bloggers” and that’s enough.

Uncle Of Bloggers



  1. This is spot on. So much goes into blogging but you can only know that once you start blogging and are committed to growing your blog. Uncle of bloggers, I like that😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. one can learn some of the finer points of SEO I havent paid anyone for SEO yet and I am trying to figure how to get it to sch that if yo google Uncle of bloggers you see me lol


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