Of A Quick Guide To Pinterest #2018BOTY

Day 17 of 25 days of blog posts celebrating highlights from the year #2018BOTY

I opened a Pinterest Account and did not know what to do with it

I have seen people give raving reviews about Pinterest and decided I was doing something wrong, so I decided to learn about it and give you the low down on all things Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, Inc. is a social media web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web, mainly using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos. 


Allow me to break it down, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think of it like Google but for images; imagine it as a weird love child of Google and Instagram which not only gives you images but acts as bookmark to where the images can be found.

Now that you know what it is; 

How to use Pinterest:

When you save an image to Pinterest its called a Pin

You can save pins for various ideas from recipes, hairstyles, blogposts, wedding decor to practically anything you can find on the internet.

To keep your Pins organized, it is recommended that you create Boards under various themes or categories for example mine look like this.

If you want your account to look a lil extra you can create cover images for your boards that follow a particular theme or colour for that professional feel…..

Bloggers; ensure you have a Pin share button enabled at the bottom of your posts so your articles can be pinned. Pin your posts giving brief descriptions and not forgetting to utilise hashtags for maximum reach

  Pinterest is a great place to share your content to an audience who would not primarily be in your regular social media circles but might be searching for something you have written.

For example in the Pinterest search tab; searching Zambezi River God will get you the Nyami Nyami legend and a Pin that leads to a post about the Nyami Nyami Zambezi River God on my site 

For those who want to kick it up a gear and have analytics and other extra options to their account; UPGRADE your Pinterest Account to a Business Account (its free!!!!)

upgrade pinterest account to business account
pinterest analytics

…. and then also tinker around with the other options like claiming your websites and social media sites.

claim your website on pinterest to get attribution and analytics for your content which may already appear on pinterst

I am still learning this Pinterest thing but we can learn together if you have any handy hints and tips on how to win at Pinterest do share. Feel free drop your account in the comments so I can find you and why not follow other bloggers whose Pinterest links appear in comments.

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    1. some people are more inclined to visual stimulation than well the wordy stuff the way some people prefer magazines and comics over novels…. but the beauty of Pinterest is you can have images with pins which lead back to the actual blog posts… for further information or the rest of the article, so its not like in competition with blogs but rather works in compliment.

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    1. Thank you Oneta. Fear of missing out had I getting down into the trenches and figuring it out cause a group was in everyone kept saying if you not Pinning your posts what are you doing hahahahaha well look at me now almost ready to start dishing out tips like a power user

      Liked by 2 people

      1. If I decide to try I’ll call on you for tech support. 😀 You have more experience than anyone I know. I’ve mastered FB if I don’t go off home page. 😀

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    1. Hi Ash
      I am glad you have found the post helpful, I shared it in the hope that others too could get a thing or too from it like I wish had read a post earlier in my Pinterest journey

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  1. See, I didn’t know hashtags are necessary for greater audience reach. 😩😅 Pinterest is quite harder than any other social media platforms that bloggers use. Thanks for these tips, B! 😊✨


    1. The thing with Pinterest is that unlike the other platforms which are more of social networking… Pinterest is a visual search engine so its rules are somewhat different.

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  2. Interesting. Did a quick check to see whether faecesbook or amazon† owned Pinterest (as far as I can gather, they don’t, currently at least)… once I have more time, I’ll need to investigate getting an account there (thanks to you!): I think that perhaps my ‘Bonzai Diary‘ and ‘Dogshit Gallery‘ photos might find a good home there.

    † IMO not deserving of an initial capital as ‘Amazon’ is a rainforest (in severe retreat, sadly for us all), not a megacorporation whose owners spit-on-us-all-(and-its-employees-too)-while-laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank.

    💥?Random Raiders!💥 heads-up: link on ‘Convert to Pinterest Business Account’ is ‘404 not found’; other links (and images) are currently fine 🙂

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